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Editor"s note: This post compares features between Acrobat Pro 20đôi mươi and Acrobat Pro DC. Adobe ended tư vấn for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro in 2017. The comparison article for that sản phẩm now redirects here.

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In June 20trăng tròn, Adobe released Adobe Acrobat Pro 20đôi mươi, the lathử nghiệm version of its software for viewing, managing, và editing PDF documents. It includes some significant improvements over the 2017 version, such as accessibility feature updates, a new "home page view," and additional digital signature và optical character recognition capabilities.

This latest release, as with earlier recent versions, is available in two forms: Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 & Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Below is a comparison of these two & a guide for helping you pichồng the right one for your nonprofit organization. (Note: Adobe also offers a "Standard" edition of Acrobat Pro with fewer features than its "Pro" counterpart, which is not covered in this post.)


Comtháng Features

Just lượt thích in previous versions, both Acrobat Pro 2020 và Acrobat Pro DC allow you lớn view, create, modify, & merge PDF files. Both also integrate with popular document creation applications, lượt thích Microsoft Word and Google Docs, which means you can export or save sầu a document as a PDF directly from that application, and you can collect and traông xã e-signatures from anyone — regardless of whether or not they have sầu an Adobe membership.

Features Exclusive sầu lớn Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC includes all of the features of Acrobat Pro 2020, plus these additional features.

PDF Cloud Storage and điện thoại Access

The "DC" in "Acrobat Pro DC" stands for "Document Cloud," which means your subscription includes 100 GB of cloud storage. This means you can not only save sầu your PDF files khổng lồ the cloud & access them anywhere, you can also access them from your computer, Mobile device, or website browser.

Acrobat Pro DC also integrates with other cloud-storage services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, & Microsoft OneDrive. Organizations that have remote employees và volunteers can take advantage of this to lớn more easily chia sẻ files aao ước each other without unnecessary duplication.

Additional Microsoft and Adobe Integrations

In addition to lớn creating PDF files from standard Microsoft applications, Acrobat Pro DC also integrates with Microsoft Office for Mac, Office 365 online apps, SharePoint, và the OneDrive toolbar to allow you khổng lồ convert those files to PDF as well.

If you have a Creative sầu Cloud subscription, you can also natively convert Adobe Photosiêu thị (PSD), Illustrator (AI), & InDesign (INDD) files into lớn PDF files.


Both editions of Acrobat allow you khổng lồ collect e-signatures from others, but Acrobat Pro DC is chất lượng in that you can also collect legally binding e-signatures & trachồng responses in real time. You can also collect comments from multiple reviewers in a single PDF online with no sign-in required. It also includes a web console for managing licenses, users và groups, và multiple administrative sầu roles. This may prove sầu especially useful for larger organizations that handle sensitive sầu documents for multiple users.

Comparing Acrobat Pro 2020 and Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DCAcrobat Pro 2020

Create & edit PDF documents

Share PDFs and trachồng document status

Collect và traông xã e-signatures

Collect & track legally binding e-signatures

Integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, and other online Microsoft platforms

Turn Illustrator, InDesign, and Photocửa hàng files khổng lồ PDFs

Natively store & nói qua files using Adobe Document Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive

One-time payment

Get a license for a $60 admin fee. Please refer lớn the Acrobat Pro 2020 hàng hóa page for up-to-date information on when this license will expire.

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Pay as you go

You pay a monthly subscription fee to Adobe — but you get all software updates for as long as you subscribe!


How Much Does Acrobat Pro Cost?

When you request Acrobat Pro 20trăng tròn, you get a license that allows you to install & use the application until it expires. Please refer to the Acrobat Pro 20đôi mươi product page (for Windows or for Mac) for that date. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC requires a monthly or annual subscription fee khổng lồ use the software, but it includes all software updates as long as the subscription is current. Acrobat Pro DC is also included in Creative sầu Cloud subscriptions.

For many nonprofit organizations và libraries that don"t have sầu a need for additional features listed above, Acrobat Pro 2020 may be a more cost-effective sầu option for producing và modifying PDF files. Meanwhile, larger organizations or those that have more use for automatic updates and e-signature management may find Acrobat Pro DC subscription is the better fit.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Nonprofits pay a one-time $5 admin fee, then receive sầu an gmail lớn activate an Acrobat Pro DC membership on This membership is $12.99 per month with an annual commitment for the first year.Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020: offers Acrobat Pro 2020 for a $60 admin fee.

Document Storage

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Acrobat Pro DC includes 100 GB of storage space on Adobe"s Document Cloud. It also integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive.Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020: With Acrobat Pro 20trăng tròn & earlier, you can manage PDFs that are stored on your local computer or on a shared network drive sầu from within the application.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: As long as your subscription remains active, Adobe will automatically update your software lớn the latest version. If you tăng cấp to Acrobat Pro DC while Acrobat Pro 20trăng tròn is installed on your computer, you can still revert khổng lồ the previous version.Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020: This software has an expiration date, and no upgrades are available. Please refer to lớn the Acrobat Pro 20trăng tròn hàng hóa page for up-to-date information on when this sản phẩm will expire.

In-Depth Comparison of Features

Adobe provides an in-depth comparison between these two editions. Check out this Acrobat sản phẩm comparison for more information.

More Information About Adobe Products

Check out the products offered through & read more about them on Adobe"s website.