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Some people take computer security matter seriously. These are the kind of people who would install Deep Freeze lớn protect their computer. The convenience of the application is that it will restore the computer to lớn the original pre-set configuration upon reboot. So any change that happens between reboots, including virus và malware infections, can be eliminated easily.

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The problem is, removing the application when you don’t need it anymore is a real pain in the neck. You can’t just uninstall it. The trouble is multiplied when you forgot the password that protects the ứng dụng.

This measurement is understandable as security apps’ job is lớn make it difficult for anyone to lớn compromise the computer. But if you have sầu khổng lồ remove Deep Freeze, here are ways lớn vì chưng that.

Part 1: How to lớn Uninstall without Password Deep Freeze

The real problem comes when you need to uninstall Deep Freeze without knowing or forgetting the password because you are just forgetful or maybe you inherited the Deep-Freeze-installed computer from someone else. It’s still possible to lớn uninstall the application, but you need lớn jump through more hoops to lớn vì chưng so.

The easiest way khổng lồ get rid of Deep Freeze without a password is lớn format the hard drive sầu where the application is installed and clean-install your Windows. But this method will also wipe every other data on the drive sầu clean.

If you don’t want khổng lồ take such extreme measure & you still want to keep the other data, you can try this following method.

First, restart the computer and enter the BIOS thiết lập environment. You can bởi so by pressing F2, F10, or DELbutton during restarting. There are differences between computers on how lớn enter BIOS, but it"s usually written down on the screen at the beginning of restart process.

On the BIOS screen, change the computer date to several years ahead or behind the current date. This will make Deep Freeze think that the machine is not running anymore.


Then save sầu the BIOS settings & restart the computer. During this restart, enter the Debugging Mode. The shortcut key should be rapid F8keystrokes. But again, please consult the screen instruction on how khổng lồ vị it.


When the Windows logo appears, press Ctrl + Alt + Dellớn open Task Manager.


On the Task Manager, open Processestab & find FrzState2K.exe cộ.Select that process và cliông xã the End Processbutton.

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With the application inactive sầu, you could go và delete the thư mục where Deep Freeze is located. Try either of these locations: C:Program FilesFaronics or C:Program Files(x86)Faronics.


The last step is to lớn delete the saved registry of Deep Freeze. You can use regeditkhổng lồ vày it. Open Start - Run, type in regedit& hit Enter.

Go khổng lồ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREthen find và delete the entire Farconis folder.


Restart your computer to complete the whole process, và you are không lấy phí from Deep Freeze.

Part 2: How khổng lồ Uninstall Deep Freeze with Password

Now let look at the method of doing that when you vị have the password. Since you can’t uninstall Deep Freeze when it’s active sầu, you must disable it first.

First, hover your mouse to lớn the System Trayon the lower right corner of your computer screen and press theShiftbutton while double clicking on the Deep Freeze icon. The application window will appear, and it will ask for your password.

Fill in your password và clichồng OK(or hit Enterbutton).


Then you will arrive at Deep Freeze’s Preferencesinterface. Choose Boot Thawedinside the Status on Next Bootpane, then cliông xã Apply & Reboot.


Your computer will be rebooted, and you will see theXsign on the Deep Freeze inhỏ in the System Tray. That is the indication that the application is currently disabled & you can safely uninstall it.

xuất hiện the installation tệp tin called DFStd.exe. You should have sầu this tệp tin from when your first tải về the tiện ích. If you don’t have sầu it handy, you could re-tải về the tệp tin from here.

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With the installation file running, choose Uninstall& continue with the process. Your computer will be restarted once more, và you can see the Deep Freeze is no more.


That’s all for how lớn remove Deep Freeze with or without password on Windows 10/8.1/8/7. And if you have problem khổng lồ recover lost Windows login password, here we recommover Windows Password Key for your reference.

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