Learn about secret URL tricks for Google Drive lớn quickly create direct tải về link, copy or pđánh giá shared files in Drive sầu.

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With Google Drive sầu, you can store files in the cloud & chia sẻ them easily with anyone. xuất hiện any tệp tin in Google Drive, clichồng the Share button and you’ll get a URL (link) that others can use to access your file. This is comtháng knowledge but Google Drive sầu has plenty of URL tricks up its sleeve that will make these simple Drive liên kết even more powerful.

Google Drive sầu URL Tricks


Google Drive sầu Web Viewer

Google Drive sầu includes a built-in web viewer so people can view your shared files - from Microsoft Office documents to videos khổng lồ AutoCAD drawings - directly in their browser. You can use this website viewer to view online files without having to download the files to lớn your computer.

Replace FILE_URL with the full http link of the online document và anyone can view your file in the browser itself. Here’s an example.

Reader Mode for Google Drive sầu Files

You can view native sầu Google documents in reader mode (sans the Google UI) by simply replace /edit in the Google Drive sầu tệp tin URL with /pnhận xét.

So if the original nội dung link of a tệp tin in Google Drive sầu is:

You can view the same document in a clean, reader mode using the link:

Here’s a Google Sheet, Google Document & Google Slides presentation in pReviews mode that is less-cluttered without any menus và toolbars và thus loads faster.

Embed Google Documents in Web Pages

The /pReview is useful when you need lớn embed a document, spreadsheet or presentation from Drive in your website page using the IFRAME tag as in this live sầu example.


Download và Export Google Drive sầu Files

The native sầu tệp tin viewer is useful but sometimes you may want to lớn bypass the built-in Google Docs viewer & force the browser to lớn download the tệp tin instead of opening it. Thus if a user has Photosiêu thị on their computer, the PSD tệp tin that you have shared through Google Drive will open in Photoshop and not in their web browser.

Create Direct Download Links và Skip the Web ViewerWhen you upload any file in Google Drive sầu and share it, the shared links looks lượt thích this:

The FILE_ID is chất lượng for every file in Google Drive. If you copy this FILE_ID and use it in the URL below, you’ll get a direct link to lớn tải về the tệp tin from Google Drive (example).

If you wish to open the file in the Google Drive website viewer, the viewer URL would be (example):

https://drive sầ

Direct Download Links for Native Google Documents

The directly tải về URL triông chồng works for native sầu Google documents as well. This comes really handy if you want lớn give sầu users an option to lớn download your Google Document as a read-only PDF tệp tin or your Google Spreadsheet as an Excel XLS tệp tin.

Google Docs - Direct DownloadsAny document in your Google Drive sầu has a URL like:

Replace /edit with /export?format=, add the tệp tin format that the document should be saved as and your download link is ready (example).

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The above sầu links will now download the same Google document in Word (.docx) và PDF formats. You can also specify txt, html, odt (OpenDocument) or epub for downloading the Google Document as an e-book.

Google Slides - Download LinksLike Google Documents, the URLs of presentations in Google Drive have this format:

The direct tải về liên kết for Google Slides is slightly different then Google Documents. Here replace /edit with /export/format where format can be pptx for downloading Google Slides as Microsoft Powerpoint files or PDF for exporting the presentation as a PDF slideshow.
The direct liên kết for downloading the same presentation deck in PowerPoint (.pptx) & PDF formats are below:For instance, here’s a presentation on Google Slides that you directly tải về as a PDF or a PPT file.

Download Google Slides as PNG FilesWith Google Slides, you can either export the entire presentation as a PDF or you can create liên kết khổng lồ individual slides that will tải về the slide as a high-res PNG file.

All you need to bởi is add ?pageid=pPAGE_NUMBER to the export url. So if I were to lớn download the 10th slide as a PNG file, the URL would be:

Also see: Link Directly khổng lồ specific Google Slide

Google Sheets - Export Linksxuất hiện your Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive sầu, make the sheet Public (or mô tả with Anyone with a link) & make a note of the shared URL. It should be something lượt thích this:

The direct tải về liên kết for Google Sheets are similar lớn Google Docs và the sheets can be exported as PDF, Excel XLSX and CSV files.
For instance, here’s the COVID-19 spreadsheet & you can directly download the file as PDF or XLS file with simple manipulation of the original sheet URL.

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Copy và Make any shared Google Drive sầu File your own

Replace /edit with /copy in the URL of any native sầu Google Drive file and anyone can cliông chồng that link to quickly make a copy of that tệp tin in their own Google Drive sầu. Try here.

Original Link: Link:
The /copy URL trick works for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Google Scripts. Add ?copyComments=true if you would lượt thích the copied document to lớn include the comments from the original document. Set includeResolvedCommentsOnCopy=false to skip copying resolved comments và copyCollaborators=false to not cốt truyện the copied document with the original collaborators.

You can use it for Google Forms as well but the form will be copied to another user’s Google Account only if the khung owner has granted access to the form.

Invite users when copying documentsIf you add userstoinvite=email to the copy URL, the Google user who is copying the document will be prompted khổng lồ mô tả the document with the specific Google trương mục immediately after copying the document.

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Google Drawings - Embed as ImageYou can export your Google Drawings as SVG, PNG, JPEG or PDF files by replace /edit in the drawing URL with /export/FORMAT.

For instance, if the Google Drawing URL in Drive sầu is:

The direct link for downloading the drawing in vector format lượt thích SVG or as a PDF tệp tin would be:
You can even use these links to lớn embed Google Drawings as inline images in your HTML webpages using the

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