Inuyasha awakening new gift code november 2020 update

Inuyasha Awakening is a br& new action RPG for Android by Indofun Games. Find out Inuyasha Awakening redemption code lớn redeem the gifts – menu of codes

Indofun Games has recently released the Inuyasha Awakening game’s English SEA version on Google Play Store. Based on the popular manga series, this anime game will represent you the original story in the in-game cinematics. With great RPG experience và in-game cinematics, players will have double fun. This post is all about Inuyasha Awakening redemption codes. With the help of a redemption code, you can get the rewards or in-game currencies lượt thích gold, copper coins, rune soul, và much more. So, let’s not waste any time & kiểm tra out the redemption code và get không lấy phí rewards.

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Inuyasha Awakening Redemption Code: List of Codes-

Following is the danh sách of Inuyasha Awakening redemption codes to lớn redeem the gift packages: –

Code Number 1 is “xr248736qg“. With this Inuyasha Awakening Redemption code, you will get the pre-registration rewards. The gift package includes x5 Rune Souls, x100 Gold, and 200K Copper Coins. Codes vì chưng not last for long – so make sure khổng lồ redeem them and get the redemption rewards.

Code Number 2 is “qb972009fz“. With this Inuyasha Awakening Redemption code, you will get 200K copper coins, 10 gold, 10 rune soul, và 20 shards. This code was last tested on July 6, 20trăng tròn.

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How To Redeem The Inuyasha Awakening Redemption Codes?

First, you need to finish the tutorial. Once you have sầu finished the tutorial, navigate yourself to the lobby(main screen of the game). On the right-center of the game screen, you will see a bunch of options -> find “welfare”. Tap welfare -> this will open a new thực đơn with more options on the left-side -> from the left-side menu options, tap “redemption code”. There you can enter the redemption code. You will get the rewards instantly after entering the code and tapping the OK button.

How To Get More Redemption Codes?

We recommkết thúc following the FB handle of the Inuyasha Awakening game. The moderators/admin of that page issue codes from time lớn time. Keep in mind that redemption codes are not the cheat or haông xã codes. They are legit and safe to use. We also post the new codes here – so, keep visiting. You can mark this page as a bookmark; keep checking.

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So that’s all in this article on Inuyasha Awakening redemption code. Do you have more codes to share with other fellow players? Comment below.

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