Is there any code lyoko season 6 or code lyoko ended after evolution? Because, code lyoko was one of my greatest series ever... So is there anyone out there creating Code Lyoko Season 6?


There isn't a season 6, và honestly I can't even consider season 5 part of the series (it wasn't the best)

There were some people working on making their own Code Lyoko series, but I'm not sure if they ever got off the ground.

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I was happy lớn get some khung of Code Lyoko from Moonscoop bachồng in 2012. Got up early in the morning khổng lồ watch it live on France 4. It wasn't the best and the plot was shallow, sure, but there was at least something.

Not only that, but the company/ studio has absolutely no interest because they don't see Lyoko as a good (overall), investment. Like you said, it IS finished. It's not really necessary to continue it. Don't get me wrong, if fans want to lớn continue it with their own resources, they can go for it. They just shouldn't expect for either project lớn make profit for them or become official.

The best thing you can consider a "season 5" is "Evolution" but we don't go there **** pay no attention to lớn this yên ổn an idiot

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There are four seasons of Code Lyoko, with the recent attempt to reboot the series (CL Evolution, a live-action/CGI continuation attempt) ending after a single season(?) due to lớn poor reception. Since CLE was never actually wrapped up, even that is technically unreliable & non-canon. There have sầu been multiple kind of fan projects over the years, but the most recent & popular would be Code Lyoko: Rebirth and Code Lyoko: Project Eradication.

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First of all, there can't be a Season 6 since Season 5 doesn't exist. Code Lyoko Evolution, despite being promising in the first place, is in the same case than Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (which was supposed to lớn be named Sonic Adventure 3 at first, but being what it is, Sega preferred lớn rename it Sonic the Hedgehog). Evolution is a mere sequel và shan't be considered as canon by any. It's more of a spin off than anything else.

But as mentioned above sầu, there are many projects, such as ReLight or Eradication. There's also Hardline, but I'm not that fond of the pitch of that one.

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Me, alongside Lyoko Online (which development has khổng lồ be delayed due lớn many issues), I'll soon start to lớn work on the PL5, Project Lyoko 5, with one of my colleagues. I just have lớn get a hold on the script to lớn refine that.

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