Code manga h5 mới nhất, cách nhập giftcode game manga h5

Manga H5 is a thẻ game sản phẩm, released on February 1. On the occasion of this opening event, there are many Manga H5 codes for gamers, let’s quickly own which valuable codes. Did you know how to import the Manga H5 giftcode? Follow the article below for more information.

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Players have sầu long expected Manga H5 was released by VNG, released lớn Vietnamese gamers on February 1. The game is a great experience for fans of the thẻ genre. The game is released on multiple platforms, so no installation is required.

Instructions to lớn receive & enter Code Manga H5

On the occasion of the game’s launch sự kiện, VNG publisher gave gamers the rain of Manga H5 code. You can find many forums where the Manga H5 code is generated. With a limited number, players must quickly get the Manga H5 code.

How lớn get the Manga H5 code

Option 1: Subscribe khổng lồ game forums

Manga H5 gamers should regularly visit the homepage or fanpage facebook of the game to update the lachạy thử information about the event. Usually on quite special occasions new gamers can receive the Manga H5 code at forums.

You should pay cthua thảm attention and follow forums like fanpage facebook & groups lớn get the fasthử nghiệm Manga H5 code because the number is always limited.

Option 2: Receive giftcode at news sites, game newspapers

Code type: mở cửa Beta

Time: From February 1 until the code runs out

Step 1 : You access the page to receive sầu the Manga H5 code Here

Step 2: You bring the mouse pointer khổng lồ the giftcode box, then cliông xã the Like button khổng lồ open the Manga H5 code


Step 3 : You post click on the word Get giftcode to lớn show the code.

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You will receive sầu a Manga H5 code.

How to enter the Manga H5 code

Once you have sầu the Manga H5 điện thoại code, you proceed lớn the game và enter giftcode to lớn change inkhổng lồ attractive sầu rewards in the game. You proceed with the operations below.

Step 1 : You choose the interface Citadel (Main citadel)


Step 2 : Select a feature Welfare


Step 3 : Select a feature Redeem gifts. Then enter the code you have in the box and cliông xã OK to lớn open.




– When entering giftcode you should turn off the Unikey tool (Vietnamese percussion) lớn avoid accented errors.– When participating in forums khổng lồ hunt code, you should also be careful with fake accounts to lớn cheat for profit.

February 1, Manga H5 officially launched to lớn players. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in the first day of Open Beta.

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