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As a national team of educators and community builders, our mission is to lớn serve sầu communities across the country, by delivering không tính phí, hands-on, & interactive giải pháp công nghệ education to lớn youth, teens, teachers, and adults. And in today’s world, the Code Squad is still committed khổng lồ being Canada’s most bold technology education initiative sầu — we’re now just delivering all of our experiences virtually lớn ensure that all people in Canadomain authority still have sầu access to lớn these learning opportunities!

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Equip Your Community with the Skills of the Future with the Code Squad

All of our programs (youth AND adults!) are không tính tiền of charge and directly delivered in your community spaces We provide resources lớn help you keep coding We have Code Squad teams located across the country— from Kelowna, British Columbia to lớn St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Winnipeg, Manitotía và Montreal, QuebecEach Code Squad team operates regionally, so we can reach large cities & rural communities with our virtual private workshops

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What IS the Code Squad?

The Code Squad began as part of the Code mobile initiative sầu, a cross-country road-trip in the Summer of 2016.We transformed a cargo van inlớn a computer lab-on-wheels, complete with all the tools needed khổng lồ host pop-up workshops in communities big & small across the country!

That first road trip was such a success — reaching over 10,000 learners! — that thanks khổng lồ a generous investment from the federal government’s CanCode initiative sầu, we expanded this proven Model for giải pháp công nghệ education outreach by establishing a permanent fleet of 14 trucks that operated year-round across the country until early 20đôi mươi.

In our first year of full-time operation, our national fleet reached over 100,000 youth. In 2019 and beyond, with the support of our sponsors and partners, our goal is lớn work with more youth, teens, and teachers. We’re also excited khổng lồ have expanded our operations lớn include programming for adults of all skill levels nationwide.

In today’s world, the Code sản phẩm điện thoại is still committed to being Canada’s most bold giải pháp công nghệ education initiative sầu — we’re now just delivering all of our experiences virtually lớn ensure that all people in Canada still have access to these learning opportunities!

Each Code sản phẩm điện thoại is powered by a regional Code Squad whose mission is khổng lồ put technology in the hands of all people who may not otherwise have the experience. From girls, women, và all genders underrepresented in tech, newcomers khổng lồ Indigenous peoples, khổng lồ folks with disabilities, and those looking khổng lồ re-enter the workforce, we want to lớn give all individuals the chance lớn build, và not just consume, công nghệ.

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