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Game ngôi sao sáng Hoàng Cung 360mobi được vạc hành bởi vì MINH PHUONG THINH COMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED nằm trong thể các loại Role Playing. Game được review 4.3 sao vì 31,353 fan chơi.

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Game giành riêng cho lứa tuổi 12+ được đánh giá 4.3 sao vì chưng 31,353 bạn chơi. Game ngôi sao sáng Hoàng Cung 360mobi bao gồm 1,000,000+ lượt tải. Phiên phiên bản mới tốt nhất 1.0.8 cập nhật July 3, 2019.

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Giới thiệu ngôi sao sáng Hoàng Cung 360mobi.

“Beauty and Power” is always a favorite topic of women. Everyone once in a while dreams about dignitaries, magnifios & desire to become the Queen. However, that dream exist only in historical novels dramas.

In the game, Imperial Stars 360mobi, women’s desire is closer. We are able lớn freely fight & cheat each others in serveral different ways: Slapping face, pricking needle, poisoning, etc. Those are also outstanding features of the game.

The characters in Imperial Stars 360mobi always have strong competition in many aspects. The game creates powerful dramatic for players. In addition, life in the Chinese Royal Palace is also extremely varied and fun. If you are a strong girl, you can fight for your rights strive for the throne of the Emperor. If you are a fashionable girl, you will be fascinated by lavish costumes, luxurious clothing accessories and decorations in Palace life of the ancient Queens. If you are an introvert, the features of marriage, childbirth, cooking, house keeing will be appreciate for you.

Imperial Stars 360mobi is the brainchild of us; a dedicated và experienced trò chơi operation group. Let’s enjoy your luxurious life in the Royal Palacce with your friends!Free download and play now! The first fighting in Harem game for women in Vietnam.

Tính năng new của ngôi sao 5 cánh Hoàng Cung 360mobi.

Fix lỗi keyboard không hiển thị chữ mang lại hệ điều hành Android 9.0

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