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I had a great learning experience with Coding Ninjas.The concepts were clearly explained by the teachers, especially the way Ankush teaches, makes it more fun và easy. It provided me a perfect foundation.

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Foundation courses are designed such thatno prerequisites are required.Data Structures(DS) & Algorithms(algo.) parts build on the basics to lớn give you asolid programming foundation.Competitive sầu is where you start topush the boundaries!

Career Track

25% Cashback

These are courses that take you fromzero khổng lồ hero. Each track is designed specifically lớn cater to lớn a particular goal you can choose andcovers everything you need to learn and assumes no prior knowledge.

With Industry Experts from Top Product Companies like Amazon, Adobe focusing on tech & interpersonal skills
Our faculty is from the best institutes around the world such as IITD, Stanford and more. They also have sầu work experience in tech giants lượt thích Amazon, Facebook, Adobe which makes them exceptional.
An incredible mentor tư vấn is provided where 1 teaching assistant is assigned to lớn 10 students. The TA’s are top performers alumni dedicated khổng lồ tư vấn và clear doubts at any point of time.
An online platform using proprietary technologies, social elements và well-crafted nội dung curriculum delivering the finest learning experience.
We vì chưng not make false promise lớn provide 100 % placements rather help students based on their performance. Our students are placed at bigwigs like Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft và many more.
Industry leading curriculum designed by expert developers turned educators who have sầu invested time to create unique content infused with chất lượng teaching methodology.
The student will be provided the certificates which are signed by instructors & have our logo on it which will help them secure their career and increase job prospects with certificates signed by us.
A sneak peek of how students become a Pro through industry-vetted online courses by the expert industry mentors
I was a beginner in Coding, but the way the Nidhi Ma’am taught was exceptionally good!The concepts she taught were so easy khổng lồ understand. Mentors will help you out at every step! Whatever course you may take, you will be offered the best faculty. I would recommend you to lớn join và it will be the best experience. I guarantee!
I did three courses & was extremely happy with all the courses. They provide quality content, the tư vấn from faculty và mentors was amazing. It helped me a lot in preparing for my interview rounds for the different companies. Finally I would say that it is a place to lớn develop attitude và skills required at the industry màn chơi.
Coding Ninjas plays a big role in my success. It is a place which teaches you khổng lồ find a solution rather than knowing a solution & builds up a great foundation for any student. Being an electronics engineer, it was difficult khổng lồ enter the field of programming và my life would have sầu been completely different without Coding Ninjas support.
I joined the course after knowing that it has helped a lot of students in securing good jobs. The course nội dung was really good that I took another course which helped me grab an internship at Amazon and then finally got placed at Expedia. I feel everyone must join as it a place which will the elevate level of your skills, no matter how high it is!
Amazing experience at Coding Ninjas. It was an extremely good atmosphere for learning as the teachers are very nice và sweet and most importantly they teach very well. The CodeZen is also very well built, they have sầu hint videos & other online doubt resolution system as well. I will be enrolling myself in another course very soon.
I enrolled into C++ with data structures at Coding Ninjas. I got admission into lớn IIT but as a fresher I didn"t know anything about programming. After joining here, I have learnt a lot. Coding Ninjas" practice modules and lectures are perfect & cover easy as well as hard coding questions. I am now capable lớn think logics for the questions easily.

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He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from India’s most premier institute - IIT Delhi and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He is a coding enthusiast và has worked with bigwigs like Amazon & Facebook in the past.
She holds a Master’s degree in Technology from IIIT Delhi và has a great comm& on programming concepts. She has taught the Fundamentals và Data Structures in Java và C++ for four years now.
She holds a Master’s from IIIT Delhi and has more than four years of teaching experience in advanced level C++, Java và Android courses. Her data analytics research work has been published in prestigious conferences.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics và Communications và is well versed with Angular, React.JS and Pynhỏ nhắn. He has been the organiser of Google Developers Group và has previously worked with companies lượt thích Spice Labs, Creative sầu India and Kalpavriksh Healthcare.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University (DTU) & is currently working with Coding Ninjas. He has contributed majorly towards CodeZen, an online platform of Coding Ninjas for students lớn learn and take attempts in coding.
He holds a Bachelor"s degree in Computer Science and is a die-hard programmer. He has been an organiser at the Google Developers Group (GDG) and has vast experience in game android development & has published many android apps on Google Play Store.
He holds a Bachelor"s degree in Information và Technology and has previously worked with firms like Ernst và Young. He works tirelessly for the student support and works closely with teaching assistants lớn enhance the student experience during their formative classes.
He is expert in JavaScript & React(Front-end) and worked on mở cửa source projects like Firebug & Zulip. He served as a GCI(Google Code-In) Mentor with Zulip. In his previous roles in the past 3 years as a Software Engineer and worked for companies lượt thích Goibibo-MMT.

Ankush Singla, Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas joins a panel discussion with other industry stalwarts lớn talk about the economy in the times of COVID-19.

Career Camp reboot is a promising opportunity for students to lớn get hands-on experience with industry mentors & scale their career lớn new heights.
He was selected for a direct interview at Google after from Google Kickstart & has interned & received a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Microsoft IDC.
Android 11.0 is here và is considered lớn be the eleventh major release of Android, out of the eighteen versions of Android.

Coding Courses for Beginners:

C++ Foundation with Data Structures | JAVA Foundation with Data Structures | Interview Preparation Course | Competitive sầu Programming Course | Pybé nhỏ Foundation with Data Structures | Aptitude Preparation Course

Advanced Coding Course:

Advanced Front-End Web Development with React | Machine Learning and Deep Learning Course | Full Staông xã Web Development Course | Data Science và Machine Learning Complete | Android Development with Kotlin

Career Tracks:

Ninja Competitive Programmer Track | Nin-Ja Android Developer Career Traông chồng | Nin-Ja Web Developer Career Track - NodeJS và ReactJs | Nin-Ja Web Developer Career Trachồng - NodeJS | Ninja Data Scientist Career Trachồng | Nin-Ja Machine Learning Engineer Career Track

Free Trial:

C++ Foundation with Data Structures | Java Foundation with Data Structures | Competitive Course | Aptitude Preparation Course | Pykhông lớn Foundation with Data Structures | Android Development with Kotlin Language | Full Staông xã Web Development with NodeJS | Advanced Front-End Web Development with React | Data Science và Machine Learning Complete | Interview Preparation Course | Machine Learning Course

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Free Contents:

C++ Foundation with Data Structures | Java Foundation with Data Structures | Competitive sầu Programming Course | Aptitude Preparation Course | Pykhiêm tốn Foundation with Data Structures | Android Development with Kotlin Language | Full Staông chồng Web Development with NodeJS | Advanced Front-End Web Development with React | Data Science & Machine Learning Complete | Interview Preparation Course

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