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“In 15 years, we’ll be teaching programming just lượt thích reading & writing, and wondering why we didn’t vị it sooner. ” — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder (2014)

Who is Code Ninja

In this new world order, công nghệ is everywhere, và changing faster than ever before!That’s why Code Nin-Ja is here – to train the next generation khổng lồ understvà technology; more than that, Code Ninja enables kids to lớn master the basics of coding và thrive sầu in this exciting technology-powered world.

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The Code Nin-Ja syllabus is researched and developed in collaboration with professional syllabus developers from the National Institute of Education (Singapore).

Our Vision

To enable every child in Singapore khổng lồ code as he or she is able khổng lồ read and write.

Our Mission

To engage & help any child develop mastery in coding with a world-class curriculum.

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(1) Our Instructors & Small Class Size

Conventional Schools:

The entire class follows a fixed lesson plan regardless of the students’ interests and abilities.

Code Ninja:

All our instructors are professional curriculum developers who research & create teaching material in the area of công nghệ for universities and schools in Singapore and around Asia.

This is why we are able khổng lồ customise the learning journey for each of our students.

Our teacher to lớn student ratio is capped at 1:6.

(2) Kids learn to lớn solve sầu real world-problems

Conventional Schools:

Students are exposed to lớn different technologies but bởi vì not develop in-depth skills in any particular area.

Code Ninja:

Students focus on learning Scratch & Pynhỏ khổng lồ behanggiasoc.vne proficient & be able to lớn apply their skills to solving real-world problems e.g. create Telegram bots, data mining và analytics, self driving oto simulations và AI bots, ứng dụng development with website services integration to name a few.

Our Level 5 students have sầu the hanggiasoc.vnpetency of a University Year 1 hanggiasoc.vnputer Science undergraduate và can enroll under the Ministry of Education’s Direct Schools Admissions (DSA) programme.

(3) Customised learning experience

Conventional Schools:

Lessons are taught as modules with a fixed number of lessons khổng lồ be hanggiasoc.vnpleted before progressing onlớn the next level. Students in the same class progress at the same pace and are matched accordingly to lớn age, regardless of abilities.

Code Ninja:

Students are assigned mini-projects depending on their interests và abilities and can advance through different levels of coding challenges as quickly or as leisurely as it suits their abilities.

Tailoring the scope of each lesson lớn the needs of each individual student is vitally important khổng lồ maximise their interest & potential.

(4) Flexible class schedule

Conventional Schools:

Lessons are taught as modules with fixed dates lớn hanggiasoc.vnplete the curriculum.

Code Ninja:

Lessons are offered based on a pass system.

4 passes (to lớn be used in 8 weeks)

10 passes (lớn be used in 4 months)

20 passes (lớn be used in 6 months)

Kids can hanggiasoc.vne as often as they like based on their schedules. In addition, our Private Coding Classes offer any curriculum that might be of interest to lớn a student e.g. Roblox coding, Microbit:, Tinkering, 3D printing, Lego Robotics, Javascript & web development to lớn name a few. Interested in a new topic? Liên hệ us!

(5) Regular Student Progress Updates

Conventional Schools:

Sporadic student progress updates.

Code Ninja:

We provide weekly passport updates on your child’s progress which is benchmarked against our Code Nin-Ja Learning Journey Roadmap.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Code Ninja

+ Why was Code Nin-Ja created?

Every child is chất lượng. They have different personalities, different interests and learn differently. Some pichồng up coding quickly. Others prefer khổng lồ learn at their own pace. That said, schools today continue khổng lồ work largely on 1-size-fits-all model. Code Nin-Ja was created khổng lồ retìm kiếm this problem và offer parents an alternate way for kids lớn learn coding.

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+ Is it a franchise và related lớn “Code Ninjas”?

Code Nin-Ja is a Singapore grown school founded in 2016 by Seow Jin Kiat. It is not a franchise nor related khổng lồ “Code Ninjas”, a coding school of a similar name based in the USA.

+ Do you have sầu other branches beside 22 Havelochồng Road?

Nope. However, we offer both on premise & online classes.

+ Who are the instructors?

All our instructors are professional curriculum developers và have sầu degrees (or higher) in hanggiasoc.vnputer Science. For more on their profiles, “Meet the Team”.

+ What is the thought process for Code Ninja’s curriculum design?

The curriculum is designed around a hanggiasoc.vnpetency Based Learning System in which there are 5 Code Nin-Ja Levels. Each level has a set of defined skills that we look out for & builds on top of each another lớn size a student’s foundation. This system is managed using the Code Ninja Passport we developed lớn record progress. At each cấp độ và for each skill, we have mini-projects for students lớn learn, practice và master. The mini-projects, for which we have hundreds, are specially designed lớn spark interest và tư vấn an inquiry-based learning.

In short, we alặng to:

Have sầu fun & spark interest Encourage practice Develop hanggiasoc.vnpetency & mastery

Our goal for every student is to lớn impart the core coding skills & confidence khổng lồ behanggiasoc.vne self-learners.

+ Do you conduct tests khổng lồ evaluate each student’s skills?

We don’t. Kids attending our classes want to lớn have sầu fun và we work hard khổng lồ spark their interest in coding. Instead, during class, our instructors informally evaluate the skills of the students as they work on their projects. The Code Ninja Passport is used khổng lồ record this progress.

+ How many lessons does it take khổng lồ hanggiasoc.vnplete Level 1 to lớn 5?

On average, it takes a 12-year old with no prior coding experience between 24 lớn 36 months lớn hanggiasoc.vnplete all 5 levels.A student’s interest plays a big part in accelerating the learning journey. Projects are accessible online và we are encourage lots of practice (và fun!) at home.

+ Do students of different levels attkết thúc the same class? How vì chưng you customise the learning experience?

Students of different levels can attend the same class. The learning experience is customised using mini-projects. In some situations, different projects are given lớn different students. In other situations, the same project is given lớn different students but with different expected learning outhanggiasoc.vnes depending on their skills and understanding.

+ What is your class size?

Our maximum class size is 6.

+ What coding languages bởi you offer?

Just 2 flavours. Scratch và Pynhỏ. For more customised curricula, please liên hệ us about private 1:1 lessons.

+ My son / daughter wants to lớn learn Pykhông lớn but not Scratch. Can this be arranged?

Yes it can though we would start first with a Trial Class.We get lots of questions around the merits of using Scratch vs. going straight into lớn Pykhiêm tốn. We believe Scratch is well suited to lớn augment the learning process và ease the transition to lớn a text code coding language such as Pykhiêm tốn. For more information, kiểm tra out our “Scratch và Pyeo hẹp hanggiasoc.vnparison blog”.

+ My son / daughter has attended lessons at another coding school. Which Code Nin-Ja Level does he / she qualify for?

We take 1 lớn 3 lessons lớn work out the Code Ninja Level of a student.

+ How vị I know if my child has improved?

We provide weekly passport updates on your child’s progress which is benchmarked against our Code Ninja Learning Journey Roadbản đồ. The passport updates can be discussed with the instructor or your child to lớn also get a better understanding of what is covered in class.

+ What age vì chưng you accept students? My child is 7-8 this year.

Our students are between the ages 9 to lớn 16 (Primary 3 to lớn Secondary 4). We have sầu taken students who are younger but would start first with a Trial Class.

+ What vì students need to lớn bring to class? Do they need their own laptops? What software is required?

For on premise students, laptops for Level 1 khổng lồ 4 students are provided. Level 5 students require their own laptops.For online students, any hanggiasoc.vnputer purchased in the last 5 years with a browser will vì chưng.

+ Are private 1:1 lessons available for kids? Do you teach adults?

Yes and Yes. Please điện thoại tư vấn or drop us an gmail for more information.

+ Why do you advocate regular weekly classes over coding bootcamps during school holidays?

At Code Nin-Ja, we believe that proficiency and mastery is achieved through consistent effort over time. Of course, many of our students start learning coding during school holidays và choose lớn continue during the school term.

+ How much bởi vì coding classes cost?

Regular classes can be purchased in packages of 4, 10 or trăng tròn. A package of 4 starts at S$230. You are free lớn utilise these as you deem fit. hanggiasoc.vne once a month, once a week, twice a week or even for back-to-back sessions!

+ Do you offer Trial Classes? How do Trial Classes work?

Our Trial Classes are $49. They are identical to lớn a regular class. Please gọi or drop us an email for more information or to lớn arrange.

+ How does your pricing và pass system work?

At Code Nin-Ja, your children can join a class whenever there’s one scheduled!Most students find weekly classes optimal for their learning. Those who wish khổng lồ progress faster can choose khổng lồ attend classes more often. Students can also skip a class when they need to or make it up on a different day.

Just think of Code Ninja as a gym where you can pop in whenever there’s a class to lớn work on your coding prowess!There are no special registration fees and the classes in any of our packages can be used for any màn chơi from Nin-Ja Level 1 to Nin-Ja Level 5.

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Simple and flexible ☺

+ Can I reschedule or cancel coding classes?

Absolutely! Just let us know 24 hours before class begins.

+ When does the next coding course / term start?

The Code Ninja syllabus is chất lượng in that each class features a different mini project for the children khổng lồ work on. Depending on the proficiency level of the child, each child will hanggiasoc.vnmence và make progress at his or her own pace with the help of the instructor. Since each class is designed to be hanggiasoc.vnplete on its own, your child may hanggiasoc.vnmence to start learning coding by picking the next suitable time slot for hyên or her.

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