Why have a code of conduct

Colgate-Palmolive"s Code of Conduct promotes the highest ethical standards in all of the Company"s business dealings.

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Noel Wallace Chairman, President & CEO

Ethical behavior, long the foundation of our success, has never been more important. Along with our values of Caring, Global Teamwork và Continuous Improvement, Colgate’s reputation for integrity has been a source of strength & a competitive advantage. Today, consumers demvà ethical behavior from the makers of products they use. Retailers demvà it from their suppliers. And shareholders demand it from the companies in which they invest. So we must dem& it from ourselves & from one another.

Our Code of Conduct has guided Colgate People for over 30 years with principles that reflect our values và set standards for our ethical behavior. While our values và principles are enduring, the Code is regularly updated lớn ensure it addresses the changing context of our business. Our job as Colgate People, no matter where in the world we work, is to lớn make sure our behavior và decisions always live sầu up khổng lồ our Code.

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As a thành viên of the Colgate family, it is important that you read, understand và fully comply with our Code. This is to ensure that all our decisions at work — or the personal decisions affecting our work — are guided by our responsibility to lớn act with integrity and maintain the highest ethical standards. And Colgate People are expected khổng lồ “Speak Up,” challenging behavior that conflicts with our Code, our policies or applicable laws.

Colgate People take great pride in our business results and know that they matter. But so does the way we achieve those results.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing commitment to lớn our Company, our values and lớn the ethical behavior that is so vital khổng lồ our continued business success.

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About The Code of Conduct

Our Colgate Code of Conduct serves as an important resource khổng lồ ensure our daily business interactions are conducted with integrity. The Code clearly conveys khổng lồ each of us that the manner in which we achieve sầu our business results matters. The Code applies to lớn all Colgate people, including directors, officers và all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries. Vendors & suppliers are also subject to lớn similar requirements, as adherence khổng lồ the Colgate Third Party Code of Conduct is a condition for conducting business with Colgate.

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Each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity và leadership by complying with the Code, the Business Practices Guidelines, Company policies và all applicable laws. By fully integrating ethics and integrity in our ongoing business relationships và decision-making, we demonstrate a commitment lớn a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards.

If you have sầu any questions or concerns about interpreting or complying with the Code or any related Colgate policy or procedure, you should discuss the situation with your manager, Human Resources, the Global Legal Organization or Global Ethics và Compliance.

It is Colgate’s policy and practice lớn maintain the highest ethical standards, & lớn create a workplace không tính phí of inappropriate or unlawful behavior, in which people are encouraged to nội dung their concerns with the Company without fear of retaliation. Consequently, at Colgate, no adverse action will be taken against any employee, former employee, agent or third các buổi party for complaining about, reporting, participating or assisting in the investigation of a suspected violation of the Company’s Code of Conduct, Company policy or applicable law, unless the allegation made or information provided is found to be intentionally false or was not made or provided in good faith. To the maximum extent possible, Colgate will maintain the confidentiality of all complaints. All allegations of retaliation will be investigated, and if appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken, up to lớn và including termination.

The Code is available online and has been translated inlớn forty-one languages. Colgate people are required lớn read, understvà và comply with the Code. To reinforce our commitment, Colgate people receive ongoing Code training và certify to compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

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Compliance with the Code is easier to ensure by using good judgment và seeking guidance when questions arise. If you are uncertain about a specific action, clichồng on the "Ethical Decision -Making Questions" section below.

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