Uber cto thuan pham escaped vietnam, wrote advanced code at 16

Prior to our arrival in Vietphái nam, we read horror stories about dodgy taxis that give sầu visitors the run-around and charge exorbitant rates. We were warned khổng lồ make a bee-line for a Vinasun or Mailinc cab at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City và not to be swayed by touts trying lớn lead us lớn an unlicensed or at least unsavory cab. We soon learned that taxis are effectively obsolete. All you need istheGrab ứng dụng on a điện thoại thông minh with a local SIM và all your city-based transportation needs are sorted. We used Grab Vietphái mạnh in Hanoi, Hội An, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minc City. Read on for six reasons why Grab ride hailing services are game changers for tourists traveling around Vietphái nam.

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**Note: When we visited, Uber Vietphái mạnh was also a ride-sharing option. Uber Vietnam giới combined operations with Grab Vietphái nam in April 2018 so you"ll no longer be able lớn use the Uber App in Vietnam giới. Uber is still a viable option for safe transportation in many other countries.**

It was easy enough for us to lớn find aVinasun or Mailinh taxi at the airport but what about transportation needs when you are in thành phố exploration mode? Hailing a xe taxi on the streets of Vietphái nam can be a dicey affair. For one, they won"t always stop lớn piông chồng up foreigners. Secondly, if they vì chưng, you can"t be sure of the chất lượng you"re getting. Grab Vietnam drivers undergo background checks và must adhere lớn a strict code of conductvà have sầu star-ratings. If ratings drop too low, the drivers aren"t given any fares.

We used the Grab app in Vietnam giới on several occasion lớn arrange for rides across town in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City & were riding in air-conditioned comfort in less than 10 minutes. In contrast, finding a traditional xe taxi in Vietnam can take longer.

Grab Vietphái mạnh means no more worrying about being driven around aimlessly in Vietphái nam by a taxi to increase the fare

Often times, xe taxi drivers see tourists as igiảm giá marks for taking the scenic route & jacking up the fare. This is true everywhere. It even happened to us when we moved lớn Dublin when our driver took us down the Malahide Road into lớn Dublin City from the airport. With Grab, the fare is agreed in advance when you điện thoại tư vấn the oto. There is way less hassle using Grab Vietnam when traveling since the fare is fixed and transparent. All you have sầu to lớn vì is pay the required amount when you get lớn your destination.
Note: in contrast khổng lồ ride-sharing apps in many western countries which typically only take credit card payments, Vietphái mạnh is a cash-based society so make sure khổng lồ bring enough Dong lớn cover the cost of the ride.

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When we visit places that are further afield from our usual range of experience, we often book any required taxis through the khách sạn. This often leads to frustration: waiting in line to speak lớn the front desk, having to figure out in advance exactly when a car in needed. In addition, hotels will often book an expensive oto service instead of a xe taxi. If they hail a xe taxi for you outside on the spot, there is always the awkward question of whether or not khổng lồ tip. All these concerns & frustrations go away with Grab Vietnam giới.

I can vividly rehotline instances on our travels in Southeast Asia & China where we were in a taxi (without seatbelts, of course) & the driver, at break neông chồng tốc độ, attempted a risky maneuver. I"ve sầu grabbed the "Oh, sh** bar" on more than one occasion and literally shouted "we"re gonmãng cầu die!". With Grab"s code of conduct and driver rating system, the risk of unsafe driving practices is greatly reduced. Safety first!

If you"re traveling solo, you can even book a ride on the back of a motorcycle and fly around like the locals vì chưng in Vietphái nam. We didn"t try this (a) because I"m a scaredy-cat about riding a motorcycle in Vietnamese traffic (b) I"m not sure how it works if there are 2 people that need a ride. Presumably you need to lớn have sầu Grab installed on two different phones since only one person fits on the baông chồng of a motorcycle.
Want to know what impressed us the most about using Grab in Vietnam? The prices! In Hanoi, we took a 15 minute ride across town và it ended up costing less than the equivalent of $2 USD. The prices are definitely reasonable (& you know what you"re paying upfront) so there is no excuse not to lớn take Grab for a ride.
Have you used a ride-sharing phầm mềm like Uber, Grab, or Lyft on your travels in Vietnam or elsewhere? What was your experience? Leave sầu a bình luận below và let us know!Did you enjoy this post about using Grab in Vietnam? Sharing is caring...

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Why You"ll Want to Use Grab in Vietphái nam as the Best Way khổng lồ Get Around
Read about using Grab in Vietphái mạnh. Learn why tourists should use ride-nói qua services lượt thích Grab Vietnam and Uber Vietnam giới instead of a traditional taxi on their travels.

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