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VPN One Click delivers a basic VPN service for a budget price. It is very cheap compared khổng lồ other providers if you need to cover only 1 device, as the pricing is on a per-device basis. VPN One Click is speedy, with above-average performance, và offers cross-platform compatibility with most major operating systems and devices: Mac, iOS, Windows, và Android. It is not compatible with Linux. The service is headquartered in the UAE and its server network covers 50 locations.

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VPN One Cliông xã uses the IKEv2/IPsec protocol to lớn encrypt và secure your online activity. It is an advanced security option, but not as good as OpenVPN. The IKEv2 protocol has limited tư vấn for platforms & is not immune lớn firewall blocks. It cannot bypass a restrictive sầu Chinese firewall. If security is on top of your priority menu, take a look at 100% secure VPNs here.

VPN One Cliông xã offers a 7-day không tính tiền trial lớn demo it out, available for both di động and desktop clients. It is very limited, though, and pretty much dysfunctional. To help you out và answer the question you most likely have: it doesn’t unblock Netflix or other popular streaming services. Don’t put your hope in this VPN if you plan on torrenting, either, as it’s non-P2P friendly, which means not compatible with any BitTorrent client.

VPN One Click’s homepage, which has been professionally updated recently, simply tells you what you can get: a fast connection, enhanced Internet security, ability khổng lồ browse the Internet anonymously, no connection logs policy. It is not the best VPN on the planet, though, & here you can find out why.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

VPN One Clichồng Features — Updated in July 2021

Price $2.99/month
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers 200
Number of devices per license 1
Kill switch No
Support Via Email
Supports torrenting No

Streaming — Not Able to Unbloông chồng Popular Streaming Services

The attempts to bypass streaming truyền thông media blocks of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Australian Channel 9, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer were unsuccessful due to lớn the dysfunctional không lấy phí VPN trial.

Unblocked: None

The flawed free trial version made it impossible to kiểm tra which streaming services can be unblocked by VPN One Click. However, the tư vấn statement mentioned below leaves little hope it can unblock any.

Blocked By: Netflix và Hulu

The tư vấn bot claims that unblocking streaming services lượt thích Hulu And Netflix from abroad is most likely not allowed. The customer tư vấn staff thành viên contacted via gmail has not replied khổng lồ that question, which suggests VPN One Click is not able to unbloông chồng popular streaming services and proves the poor chất lượng of the service.


VPN One Click claims to be fast enough for gaming, but I couldn’t use it

Server Network — Reasonable Network Size

VPN One Cliông chồng offers servers distributed around 50 locations. This amount is pretty small compared to many other VPNs, but it is continuously growing. The exact number of servers is unknown, however, its biggest server presence is in the US & the UK.

The big plus is the physical presence of servers in some strict censorship countries like Russia and Vietphái nam. This is good information for those of you living there, as you don’t have to compromise tốc độ by connecting lớn an international VPS. But there is a minus too — there’s no way lớn see the servers’ details, which is a bit annoying as you can’t choose the best available option.

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VPN One Click’s hệ thống locations:

United StatesBelgiumChile
United KingdomBrazilColombia
AustraliaBulgariaCzech Republic
FinlandHong KongIndonesia
GermanyIcelandIsle of Man
South KoreaMalaysiaNew Zealand
NorwayRomaniaSouth Africa
UkraineUnited Arab EmiratesVietnam

Security — Advanced, But Not The Best Security Options

VPN One Click uses the IKEv2/IPsec protocol to lớn encrypt và secure your online activity. It is an advanced security option used by many VPN providers. Nevertheless, the IKEv2/IPsec protocol has some security issues, lượt thích password hacking, traffic decryption, and downgrade attack vulnerability.

VPN One Cliông chồng doesn’t tư vấn more advanced security options, lượt thích the OpenVPN protocol that is used by major VPN providers. Another missing feature is the kill switch, which continuously monitors your connection lớn the VPN server and automatically disconnects your device if the VPN connection accidentally drops. Taking into tài khoản VPN One Click’s connections are not very stable, this feature is greatly missed.

Privacy — Protects Your Privacy

Quoting VPN One Click’s Privacy Policy:

“We don’t store or log your IPhường address or connection details. We don’t store your connection logs or browsing activities. When you download & install our VPN client application, you are never requested lớn register with your tin nhắn or any other personal information. There is no registration or sign-up process, users can straightaway start using our services once the application is installed and subscribed.”

Moreover, VPN One Click’s parent company, Kryptotel, is headquartered in the UAE & is not obliged khổng lồ retain user data and h& it over to lớn law enforcement.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to find more technical details or security audits to lớn verify its procedures. VPN One Click says things that sound right, but doesn’t give sầu us proof.

Torrenting — Torrenting Isn’t Allowed

If you have sầu torrenting on your mind, look elsewhere. “We don’t support any torrent và our VPN doesn’t work with them,” they say.

Does VPN One Cliông chồng Work in China? No.

We get a lot of contradictory answers to this question. VPN One Click’s homepage states: “VPN One Cliông xã works all over the world. It works even in Trung Quốc, where most VPN services fail.”

A customer tư vấn bot available on the trang web tells us: “It seems that Trung Quốc has added a new firewall, and we cannot bypass it. Most of the VPN providers using IKEv2 are facing the same issue. We are looking for a solution.” And, eventually, a customer support staff member contacted me via tin nhắn and replied: “I’m sorry, but we don’t operate in China.”

Simultaneous Device Connections — Limited To 1 Per License

The pricing is on a per-device basis. If you need to lớn cover more than one, be prepared to lớn buy additional subscriptions. This might be very troublesome if you want to connect lớn the VPN on more than one device & can explain the low price.

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Device Compatibility — Most Major Operating Systems

VPN One Click is available for several platforms & devices, including: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, routers, XBox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Wii Console, và any WiFi device. It is not available for Linux.

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