Developer: EA CanadaRelease date: 2007Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: SportsVersion: 1.0 / Patch 1 / Patch 2 / Patch 3

FIFA 08 (named FIFA Soccer 08 in North America) is the 2007 installment of EA Sports" series of football Clip games. Developed by EA Canadomain authority, it is published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. It was released on all popular gaming formats in September 2007 in Europe, Australia, và Asia, và in October 2007 in North America. The PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360 versions of the game feature an improved game engine with superior graphics và different commentators và are dubbed "next-generation" by EA. On all other platforms—including the PC—the game utilizes an older engine. The Nintenbởi DS version features fewer teams, stadiums, game modes và kits due to the limitations of the machine"s storage medium.

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Commentary comes from Sky Sports" Martin Tyler và Andy Gray on next generation consoles. However, ITV Sport"s Clive sầu Tyldesley partners Gray on current generation consoles, và the PC version of the game. On the DS version of the game, Tyldesley commentates solo. It also marks the first time the Nintendo GameCube has been excluded from the FIFA lineup since FIFA 2001 và the first the original Xbox và Game Boy Advance has been excluded from the FIFA lineup since FIFA Football 2002.

The tagline for the game is "Can You FIFA 08?." The theme song is "Sketches (đôi mươi Something Life)" by La Rocca, from the album The Truth.

New features

New features that were not in FIFA 07 include "Be a Pro Mode", where the player plays as only one player (the player can be changed) throughout the entire match. However, this mode is not available for goalkeepers.

New features for the PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360 include cooperative sầu online play and a change of controls, which features the right stichồng as a way of selecting which player is to be on defense. However, this control setting can be changed baông chồng lớn the FIFA 07 configuration as well as other preset control configurations. In addition, the online mode has a new addition with interactive leagues, where players choose a league, a team, & play against real-life opponents. While not an entirely new feature, FIFA 08 includes new triông chồng moves that can be used by using the right analog stiông chồng, which were, for the most part, absent in FIFA 07. In general, the tốc độ of game also has decreased in FIFA 08.

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In the PS2 version of the game, two new features were added. The first being goalkeeper AI, which meant when in a one-on-one situation with a forward and goalkeeper, one could push the right analog stiông xã & have complete control of the goalkeeper. The second of these was when taking a free kick you were able lớn push the R3 (right stick) to lớn loông chồng the position of the ball, while you used the stiông xã to determine exactly where you wanted the không tính tiền kiông chồng to go. These were two features that have sầu not been used in any FIFA games since, although many users và fans have sầu expressed their feelings lớn see both or one make a welcome return.

Manager Mode

The Manager Mode on 08 has few enhancements from its predecessor, however, some of the new features include the chance lớn schedule training on certain dates, via the manager"s calendar, và the option lớn play up to lớn four pre-season friendlies.

Leagues và teams

FIFA 08 includes 621 licensed teams, 43 national teams, with 30 leagues and more than 15,000 licensed players. Several teams from other leagues also appear in a "Rest of World" category. Of the 621 teams that comprise the game, 29 appear unlicensed, 13 of them being national teams.citation needed

National teams

FIFA 08 has 44 teams in its international division. The most notable exclusion is Japan (who made it inkhổng lồ the round of 16 in the 2002 World Cup, but whose licensing rights currently belong khổng lồ Konami). The following international teams are playable in the current generation consoles. But not all the teams are fully licensed e.g. Netherlands and Spain.


EA Sports officially announced FIFA 08s" soundtrachồng on September 11, 2007. It featured many Latin music acts including Ivy Queen and Paphụ vương Massive.

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The PlayStation 2 version of FIFA 08 received a "Double Platinum" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), indicating sales of at least 600,000 copies in the United Kingdom. ELSPA gave the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 releases each a "Platinum" certification, for sales of at least 300,000 copies per version in the region.

The game was well-received, garnering an average of 81.5 on both next-generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) because of its refreshing new game mechanics, which broke out from the series" criticised past record of not making much of an effort to lớn innovate, instead adding what were often described by critics as "gimmicks".citation needed