Warriors orochi 3 pc download

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a game by Omega Force
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 Reviews
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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Warriors Orobỏ ra 3 is another Japanese styled haông xã và slash game released by Omega Force. For those who enjoy hachồng & slash samurais & ninjas, Warriors Orochi 3 is right up their ally. Featuring its own quality characters và a beloved intense, fast game style, it is perfect for those wishing to lớn have a new series of games to lớn enjoy.

Visual Arts

With Japanese lore & culture being very detail oriented, it is important that the game holds true khổng lồ these details và is able to display them in the characters & scenes that the game portrays. Characters are still able lớn have sầu a sense of individuality, despite the graphics being older and somewhat repetitive sầu, making it easy to distinguish between characters. The designers did well picking out details to include and what portions of the game khổng lồ focus on & what to leave behind.

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Warriors Orođưa ra 3 actually has two port games, making it a difficult storyline khổng lồ follow, trying khổng lồ unify both games from separate series. In doing so, there are some odd & unique mechanics in the game, making it st& out from the crowd just a little bit. Some of these mechanics include characters only having one weapon, with no ability lớn switch or choose another weapon, as the weapon they are given is the EX weapon assigned to lớn them from the previous season. The characters are also limited to lớn one Musou attaông xã, not giving them much of an advantage in Musou styled battle. Some characters, however, are from neither of the series, leaving them with no background to lớn fit inlớn the new game. These characters’ Musou attaông xã is made lớn correspond to their Japanese origin & the Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors cast.

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Personal Rating

Warriors Orochi 3 does a pretty good job at tying together the converging games in each of their respective sầu series. However, it does limit each series as they have sầu to somehow tie in & balance with the other games.

The limitations are not ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá, but they are understandable. For these reasons, I give Warriors Orođưa ra 3 a 7/10.


Ties 2 (even a third secret) ports togetherStages for fighting are modified versions of past gamesDoes great for collaborations of multiple games and lore origins


Limited attacks and weaponsCan feel oddly messy at certain times due to lớn multiple games convergingOnly features Japanese voices (not great for other audiences)