Code: battle seraph


The Flat return!! isn"t appropriate....let me just change that!

Elsword is game that has different type of classes in each character with tons of advantage and disadvantage.

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There is one character who has the most less disadvantages and that is Code Battle Seraph. What so unique about this class is that she can her battle style however she want accordingly.

Her flat is so flat that it can flat both bosses và field lượt thích it was nothing for her. So hail the flat!! (please don"t Gọi FBI, I was just joking XD)


uhum!! Let"s get to point here.

Her passive lies heavily on the her active sầu skill called the (El crystal spectrum). Everytime she activate this shit, her battle are likely khổng lồ change.

(spectrum dynamic) allow her laser attaông xã including several skills divides khổng lồ 3. Allowing her to hit almost everything infront of her including upper side & lower side.

Like all eve, CBS gets her own mobility. (photon Booster) increases her air dash up to 30% và add 4 air dash.

(ultra optical investigation) is another passive for your (El crystal spectrum), once it"s on. Every one of your laser attachồng và most skill will homing to lớn the closest target but you lachồng of ranges & damage. But hey! As long as it homing, you can literally just spam your basic laser attaông xã khổng lồ anyone! Hooray!

(high power electronic circuit) gives her a burst of movement speed when maintaining movement tốc độ over a second. The burst is about 60%. This passive sầu allow her khổng lồ dash twicr the same direction which gives a lots of movement speed for không tính phí.

(El energy Reactor) gives her max mp increase up to 150 and increase mamãng cầu regen up to 2 mana per second.

She is one of the best field cleaning service và bossing.

With the 3rd Job coming on this winter & everyone is waiting with hype. It"s seems like everyone has forgetten the true hype và eargasm in the history of Elsword online.

CBS và (energy needle) is best hype & eargasm in Elsword.

Prove me wrong? 99% of CBS spam (energy needle) whether there"s enemy or not.

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This is her main bread and butter skill, just a cliông chồng of a button and you can actually provoke the entire field. I"m not gonmãng cầu lie but this skill is eargasm af especially that CBS has full critical build.

(Energetic Heart) is also another bread và butter skill. This skill has all (El crystal spectrum) effects in a single skill. Now your laser amplified, then divide by 3 & chase the bitch out of you. Don"t worry, she loves fast food. Well? Start running.

With Energetic Heart active, her skill nearly double the original damage. It"s so dangerous that it can flat the entire world.

(remember that this doesn"t include with Hyper active, each sold separately. Please ask your parent or guardian if you want one.)

Time for Transcendence, time for more flat!!

Her Transcendence is so-so, it"s not that amazing but it"s still amazing. Bread and butter.

Her passive sầu now allow her khổng lồ gain 5% magical attaông xã và 5% mana recovery when El crystal activates everytime you switch. She another extra 2 commvà ehen she do >>^ zx.

(photon flash) now can be used in air, mana conversion can reduce your Hp usage, gaining more mp with một nửa chance khổng lồ activates. During energy needles, all skill cooldown decreased by 20% & recover mp when inside (kugelblitz)

In pvp, she"s weak at the start. Once she has the mp. She"s gonna spam skill on you with homing laser. She gives alots of mana so take advantage on that. A good CBS can fly around your screen & make your day flat af.

Don"t be confused by her movement, charge at her when you have sầu the mana.

If she has the mamãng cầu, stay away from her. Rethành viên that she has a homing passive sầu.

If possible, make her mamãng cầu break as much as possible.

Tips on playing Code Battle Seraph, mana management is good with her as she spend mana way too much even tho she has max mp increase 150.

Try lớn keep your El Crystal Spectrum activate at all time, her passive sầu helps a lot with her skill và clearing.

She"s is not a tank và with great mobility, she can dodge however she wants. Remember to dodge.

That"s it, thanks for reading và see you guys again for the next one, Iron Paladin.