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Hoang Ha thiết bị di động is delighted khổng lồ be partnering with RTB House. Thanks to lớn the new solutions developed by them, we have improved our online advertising results significantly and are able to lớn find better ways of reaching our customers. We’re also thankful for the prompt support from the RTB House team và hoping that we can continue lớn cooperate better in the future.

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Hoang Ha mobile is one of the largest and most popular mobile phone & consumer electronics retailer that operates both offline & online in Vietnam with ‘Cash on Delivery.’

With over trăng tròn years of experience operating in the retail sector, Hoang Ha di động offers an extensive collection of điện thoại products, tablets, laptops, and technology accessories to all customers.

Currently, Hoang Ha thiết bị di động has 23 retail stores nationwide and plans khổng lồ expand khổng lồ 30 more stores in the near future. Compared khổng lồ its competitors, Hoang Ha điện thoại offers the lowest price in the market as a quality strategy khổng lồ grow their business.




With a strong presence in offline retail businesses, Hoang Ha smartphone observed that when their online traffic increases, so does their offline sales. In addition lớn boosting their conversions, chất lượng traffic of valuable users is a key factor that they look for. RTB House solutions retarget users that have visited the website and these users are valuable customers for Hoang Ha Mobile.

To find the best results, Hoang Ha điện thoại analyzed RTB House as well as another partner through a head-to-head test. The purpose of the chạy thử was lớn understand which retargeting partner can efficiently drive higher performance for Hoang Ha Mobile.

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To drive awareness & sessions for valuable users, Hoang Ha điện thoại was looking for an innovative kinh doanh solution that could help drive awareness và sessions for valuable customers. Hoang Ha mobile wanted a tool that can boost both their offline và online sales.


In order lớn achieve their goal, RTB House team of professionals implemented a competitive CPS ‘Cost Per Session’ campaign as well as created customized creatives that are both effective và visually appealing.


RTB House was able to lớn deliver significantly lower Cost Per Click, Cost Per Session, a higher volume of impressions and clicks, và better Click Through Rate from the personalized creatives than the other partner. Hoang Ha mobile was also happy that the team at RTB House was closely monitoring the budget and making sure that every dollar on the chiến dịch is spent efficiently and provide effective results.

 29% Lower cost per session 34% Higher CTR66% More Clicks39% Lower CPC

In addition lớn delivering outstanding results, Hoang Ha thiết bị di động was impressed by RTB House’s tài khoản Management Strategy team for their expertise, knowledge, professionalism, & going above và beyond lớn deliver maximum ROI. The flexibility of the technology và the team’s transparent approach helped Hoang Ha mobile make better-informed decisions in their business needs.





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