'home sweet home episode 2' is heading to pc later this year

trang chủ Sweet Home Episode 2, the followup khổng lồ 2017’s indie horror cult hit Home Sweet trang chủ, is set to lớn debut on the 25th of September.

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Home Sweet trang chủ Episode 2, the followup to lớn 2017’s indie horror cult hit Home Sweet Home, is set lớn debut on the 25th of September, and the developer, Yggdrazil Group, just dropped a new trailer which should catch the eyes of fans of the Outlast or Silent Hill games.

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Games of this sort have to vì quite a bit khổng lồ stvà out against today’s utter deluge of low-budget indie spook-em-up titles. There are far too many to danh mục, but any Steam user will doubtlessly have come across at least a handful of them simply by virtue of being on the platsize for any amount of time. Home Sweet Home Episode 2 differentiates itself by focusing heavily on Tnhì folk stories và lore; territory which isn’t often explored or consumed by Western audiences.

The new gameplay trailer, which was released on the 11th, hints that the sequel has a much tighter theme in terms of art direction. While much of the first title was spent walking down empty corridors, Episode 2 showcases much more open environments and a decidedly Eastern feel. The player is seen interacting with objects & religious artifacts reminiscent of Buddhism, và the protagonist is stalked by some sort of ghostly presence which looks like the girl from Ju-On: The Grudge wearing a headdress. On the whole, the presentation gives off a very Siren-esque vibe, & fans of that long-dead series may want lớn kiểm tra out this title.

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The first trang chủ Sweet Home game was fairly popular for the niche genre which it occupied, though sales were almost certainly bolstered by PewDiePie, who gave the game a shot back when it first released. A subsequent VR port proved that interest in the game hadn’t died out, and Episode 2 seems primed to lớn make waves, at least in certain circles.

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One other interesting thing to lớn note about the trailer is that, unlượt thích the first game, Home Sweet Home actually features some khung of combat. While the trailer doesn’t feature any firearms or any definite combat mechanics, the player characters seems to be throwing what look lượt thích firecrackers at enemies, which, though not exactly Resident Evil 7 levels of engaging, is a definite step in the right direction.

Conceptually, the game looks promising, but it must be said that the build shown in Yggdrazil Group’s trailer is a little lackluster. It could be YouTube’s decimating method of processing uploads, but the game’s framerate certainly seemed lớn be low, particularly during a sequence towards the kết thúc in which the player is being chased by a horde of zombie-lượt thích beings. What’s more, lượt thích the first game, trang chủ Sweet Home Episode 2 maintains a stoông chồng Unity horror game look. While that’s not a knochồng against the developers, it may negatively impact some of the visuals in certain areas.

Still, Home Sweet trang chủ Episode 2 appears khổng lồ be the sort of passion-driven experience which we don’t often see in the realm of gaming these days. It may be a budget title, but Yggdrazil Group’s upcoming release definitely has a compelling vibe to lớn it, &, as of right now, it seems well worth a playthrough—particularly if it releases with VR support.


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