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Fishing king – iCa The #1 FREE of fishing online games in nước ta ! Join the battle with MILLION Vietnamese players for a FREE Fishing online game competing between 2 to 4 players per lucky game!

trò chơi Features:

- Fishing king ( iCa ) is an online game simulation of the coin fish game machine. it will give you the real & exciting experience from your Mobile instead of sitting still và shoot nets monotonously as before. You can Ayên & shoot your multi-Level power nets to lớn catch fish and earn Gold and XPhường whenever & wherever you are!

- Large varieties of colorful sea creatures, particularly, more than 11 different kinds of fish and 4 beautiful mermaids, which are the same as those in a lucky coin fish game machine.

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- 6 different Levels of Cannons khổng lồ catch fish in fishing king game. The larger the Cannon you use, the more lucky coins you get. - The Challenge mode of 2 lớn 4 players cannot be missed. The winner takes it ALL!

- Fishing king ( iCa ) has friendly graphics designed suit all ages which helps you fish, hunting & earn Golds at any time và any place.

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- The highly attractive game iCá definitely will bring you with excitement, fun much more than other hunting games. Especially the more difficult creatures you catch, the more Gold coins you get! More than REAL!

- Invite friends via Zalo và Facebook & daily login with fishing online can give you Daily FREE Golds! this is one of the quickest ways khổng lồ get as more gold coins as possible within the shorkiểm tra time.

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- Much more exciting features like daily missions – battle with friends, gold exchange etc.

- Fishing online Freely support for all devices which are more advanced than Galaxy S2

- More than MILLION Players of lucky iCá on Zalo, come and join with us!

Studio has offered several successful game models like Khu V??n Trên Mây (KVTM) – Sky Garden Smartphone, Nông tr?i vui v? - Nong trai vui ve, the Studio wants tooffer you experience more hit fishing online on di động whenever & wherever you like

Who gonmãng cầu be the MILLIONAIRE of the Fishing king Top Chart? Don’t hestitate & Join us now, FOR FREE!

Source: Wikipedia, Game"s homepage

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