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SAN FRANCISCO, August 14, 2018 -, a leading system utilities và security software provider, today launches the newest version of Uninstaller.

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The brvà new Uninstaller 8 is loaded with several new features và enhanced functions to lớn help users monitor and danh mục all detected bundleware, simplify the uninstalling process và automatically update more important software.

Bundleware can be easily ignored & left on the computer once it has been brought into lớn the PC silently. Now, with the new Bundleware uninstall feature, users will be notified timely if any bundleware has been detected during the installation process. More importantly, all the bundleware installed will be listed in the "Bundleware" category which allows users lớn kiểm tra & remove all unneeded bundled programs with convenience. In addition, the new edition of Uninstaller comes with a highlight feature, known as Easy Uninstall, a novel uninstalling solution. It enables users lớn uninstall a program from its opened window, desktop inhỏ, or system tray icon. Users can easily use the function by using the shortcut key - Ctrl+Alt+U, & simply dragging the inhỏ to the program they want to remove.

There are many improvements in Uninstaller 8. In the latest edition, the database of the Software Updater has been expanded greatly, which allows users to lớn update 500% more important programs than previous edition. This improvement enables users khổng lồ keep their more important software up-to-date with easy a one-clichồng solution. What"s more, with the enhanced scan engine, Uninstaller 8 ensures that all leftovers can be removed thoroughly from the computer.

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" Uninstaller 8 is an easy-to-use software uninstall tool." said Bing Wang, Product Director at " Uninstaller 8 aims to not only uninstall programs powerfully & thoroughly, but also to provide an easier uninstalling solution & a better user experience. Besides the enlarged stubborn program database, some new advanced technologies have sầu been applied lớn the latest edition of Uninstaller." Uninstaller 8 is now available on and CNET. It can fully tư vấn for Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, XPhường. và Vista.

About Uninstaller 8 Uninstaller 8 is an excellent uninstaller, it provides an easy và secure way to lớn remove sầu unnecessary programs, stubborn programs, Windows apps, Universal Windows Platkhung (UWP) apps, malicious or Ads plugins & toolbars, giving you a clean PC & a secure and smooth online surfing experience. Users can quickly uninstall a program from its opened window, desktop ibé, or system tray ibé with the new feature Easy Uninstall. Moreover, Uninstaller 8 can monitor programs installations in real time & notify users immediately. Besides, all the bundleware will be listed so that user can uninstall all unwanted bundleware conveniently and quickly. In addition, Software Updater is also improved to keep more important programs always up khổng lồ date.


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