Ios 15 beta 7 review: new features, changes, bugs & more

Apple has released iOS 15 Beta 7 build number 19A5337a! This new test version is currently available for registered Developers. Public Beta members should be able to tải về it later today. Update: iOS 15 Public Beta 7 now available too!

iOS 15 Beta 7 Download

Beta 7 comes exactly eight days after the release of Beta 6 và is 654.1 MB large for the iPhone 12 Pro.

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Important: Do perform a full iPhone backup before installing và iOS 15 Beta version.

1. How To Update From Beta 6

If you already run an earlier iOS 15 beta on your iPhone or Máy tính bảng iPad, you can easily grab Beta 7 over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update. Hit Download và Install, follow the on-screen prompts & be patient until the update is downloaded, prepared for installation, verified và deployed on your device.

2. How To Update From iOS 14

If you’re running a public iOS version like 14.7.1 you need to enroll your iPhone to the iOS 15 Beta testing program first, before being able khổng lồ see the update in the Software Update screen.

All that you need to lớn vì chưng is browse for the Apple Beta Software Program website, download the iOS 15 Configuration Profile, install it on your iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad and reboot your device.

Now, the iOS 15 Beta 7 update should become available in the Software Update section in Settings.

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Tip: For a detailed step-by-step guide as well as đoạn Clip tutorial tap here.

iOS 15 Beta 7 Features

New features spotted in this release are listed here:– To be updated…

iOS 15 Beta 7 Changes

Modifications to known features noticed in this version are:

To be updated…

iOS 15 Beta 7 Bug Fixes

Issues fixed by Apple in this beta are available below:

Focus: You can now use Siri to lớn switch between any available Focus. Prior lớn this the virtual assistant was only available to lớn turn on Do Not Disturb.Maps: The Bay Bridge is now scaled correctly at high zoom levels.Phone: Adding additional participants lớn a phone call while on a 3G cellular network is now possible! VPN apps are now able lớn connect if they us a private API that’s no longer available in iOS 15.Various third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps lượt thích Bitwarden, Amazon & more are now working again.

Updated August 26:

Weather animations now run much smoother và are no longer lagging.To be updated…

iOS 15 Beta 7 Bugs

New bugs discovered in this release are listed here.– To be updated…

iOS 15 Beta 7 Release Notes

Apple publishes the change log only for Developer Beta updates. Nevertheless the Public Beta is identical!You can kiểm tra out the full release notes over here.

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Have sầu you updated khổng lồ iOS 15 Beta 7 Did you notice any new features not mentioned in this article? What about bugs, or bug fixes? Use the comments section & tóm tắt your feedbaông xã. We will update your findings khổng lồ the main content of the article asap.

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