Không chơi được pubg mobile trên bluestacks

How will this help?

This article will acquaint you with a workaroundfor playing PUBG mobile, in case the game displays a message that your device is not hanggiasoc.vned at the moment and then crashes.

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How can I solve sầu this issue?

In some cases, PUBG mobile crashes after displaying the message shown below.


If you are experiencing this issue,then vị not worry! We have sầu just the solution for you:

1. Launch hanggiasoc.vnnavigate to lớn its Settings by either clicking on the hamburger menu or clicking the gear icon, as shown below.


2. Once the Settings menu opens up, go to lớn the Engine tab.


3. Now, mix the Graphics engine lớn Performance mode và the Graphicsrendered lớn OpenGL.

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Refer to the image below.


4. Next,scroll down lớn thePerformancesection where you can select options for your CPU và RAM performance.


5. Here, we recommend that you allocate 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM khổng lồ, as this issue sometimes arises due lớn low memory.


6. Finally, click on Save. You will now be able lớn enjoy playing PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại, once you relaunch!


Note: You may also refer to lớn this article in order to lớn achieve higher FPS & smooth gameplay in PUBG.

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