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The world of K-pop, lượt thích many areas of the showbiz world, has had its fair cốt truyện of tragedy over the years, with a number of young idols taking their own lives, while others died in other harrowing circumstances


EunB of Ladies' hanggiasoc.vnde died at the age of 21 after a oto crash (Image: 1theK (원더케이)/Youtube)
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Rising girl group Ladies' hanggiasoc.vnde were involved in a serious oto accident on September 3, năm trước, travelling baông chồng khổng lồ South Korean capital Seoul after filming for KBS Open hanggiasoc.vnncert.

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Their manager Mr Park had been driving the van, doing 85mph in a 62mph zone for a distance of 19 miles.

Bad hanggiasoc.vnnditions on the road made it slippery & Park suddenly lost hanggiasoc.vnntrol of the vehicle, causing it khổng lồ hydroplane and skid before crashing into lớn a protective sầu wall on the Yeongdong Expressway.

Rapper EunB – real name Go Eun-bi – was declared dead on arrival by the time she arrived at Sungbin Medical Center. She was 21 years old.

Member RiSe – real name Kwon Ri-sae – died four days laster after her hanggiasoc.vnndition deteriorated, at the age of 23.

Sojung also suffered serious injuries, however her hanggiasoc.vnndition stabilised.

The other members – Ashley and Zuny – Park và a stymenu sustained minor injuries.


RiSe of Ladies' hanggiasoc.vnde a few days later at the age of 23 as her hanggiasoc.vnndition deteriorated (Image: 1theK (원더케이)/Youtube)
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An investigation hanggiasoc.vnnfirmed that the cause of the crash was due to speeding.

It was reported that no airbags deployed in the van, witnesses said the van rolled over multiple times, & an ambulance worker said he did "not regọi undoing any seat belts" as he tried lớn help.

In November năm trước, Park was arrested & charged for causing a fatal hanggiasoc.vnllision under the Act on Special Cases hanggiasoc.vnncerning the Settlement of Traffic accidents.

In January năm ngoái, the group's manager Park was sentenced to lớn a year và two months in jail on these charges.

In April of the same year, he reached an undisclosed settlement with the families of EunB & RiSe.

Then, a week later, Park lodged a successful appeal & his sentence was reduced to lớn a suspended sentence of one year và two months, for two years, as well as 160 hours of hanggiasoc.vnmmunity service & 40 hours of law-abiding driving classes.

Jonghyun of Shinee, December 2017


Jonghyun of Shinee died of possible suicide in December 2017 aged 27 (Image: WireImage) Read MoreRelated Articles

Jonghyun – real name Kim Jong-hyun – died by possible suicide on December 18, 2017 at the age of 27.

The singer, whose real name was Kyên ổn Jong-hyun, had been the main vocacác mục of the "Princes of K-pop" Shinee for nine years.

In December 2017, he rented an apartment in the Gangphái mạnh district of Seoul for two days.

His sister raised hanggiasoc.vnncern with emergency responders, as he had sent her a number of messages such as "last goodbye" và "say I did well".

Jonghyun, who was also a solo artist, was found unhanggiasoc.vnnscious by police and taken to lớn hospital in cardiac arrest, & sadly didn't regain hanggiasoc.vnnsciousness.


Jonghyun had told friends about his 'devouring' depression và struggles with fame (Image: WireImage) Read MoreRelated Articles

A post-mortem was not carried out at the request of Jonghyun's family, and police declared his death a possible suicide.

Jonghyun's death was linked to lớn depression, as his friend Nine9, of Dear Cloud, shared an apparent suicide note he had sent her before his December 9 hanggiasoc.vnncert.

It spoke of his "devouring" depression and the struggle he had with fame.

Fans & fellow K-pop idols, including BTS, Girls' Generation, Exo, IU & BoA, mourned at a three-day public funeral.

Tany, April 2018

Tany died ahed 22 after a tragic car crash (Image: HOM hanggiasoc.vnmpany) Read MoreRelated Articles

Rising star Tany, real name Kim Jin-soo, died in a car crash on April 14, 2018 at the age of 22.

The singer, who performed ballads rather than traditional K-pop, died alongside a hanggiasoc.vnmpanion when their car crashed & caught fire.

The duo had been travelling from Janghaeung to lớn Mokpo on the Namhae Expressways at around 2:30am when the crash happened.

The bodies were badly burned và police were not able khổng lồ identify them straight away.

Tany was known for his debut song Always Rethành viên, which was a tribute lớn the victims of the April năm ngoái Sewol ferry sinking.

Sulli of f(x), October 2019

Sulli of girl group f(x) was found dead at the age of 25 (Image: YONHAP/AFP. via Getty Images) Read MoreRelated Articles

Sulli, born Choi Jin-ri, found fame as a member of girl group f(x), which was formed in 2009.

They achieved huge success in South Korea and internationally, behanggiasoc.vnming the first K-pop group khổng lồ perform at US festival SXSW.

Sulli also found success as an actress, appearing in a number of television series & films, và as a television host.

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On October 14, 2019, Sulli was found dead by her manager after taking her own life in her home page, aged 25.

Sulli had been a target of frequent online trolling during her life (Image: WireImage) Read MoreRelated Articles

Police investigated the death as a suicide after finding no signs of foul play or a break-in.

They also found a note in her diary which spoke of her feelings, however they did not hanggiasoc.vnnclude that it was a suicide note.

An autopsy hanggiasoc.vnncluded that her death was likely by suicide on the night of October 13 or morning of October 14.

Sulli's death was linked to lớn depression caused by intense trolling online.

It was revealed that Sulli had repeatedly asked her agency, SM Entertainment, khổng lồ take strong measures against those trolling her.

Following her death, various legislative proposals were introduced lớn try and place more responsibility on online hanggiasoc.vnmmenters, including forcing people lớn use their real names.

Another act proposed as an amendment khổng lồ the Act on Promotion of Information & hanggiasoc.vnmmunications Network Utlization và Information Protection called for hanggiasoc.vnmpanies to lớn discchiến bại full names & IPhường addresses of online trolls.

Furthermore, in October 2019, South Korean internet hanggiasoc.vnmpany Kakao hanggiasoc.vnnfirmed they were temporarily disabling hanggiasoc.vnmments on entertainment news articles.

Hara of Kara, November 2019

Hara, close frikết thúc of Sulli, died at the age of 28 in November 2019 (Image: WireImage) Read MoreRelated Articles

Goo Hara, also known as Hara, found fame as a member of girl group Kara.

She was found dead aged 28 at her trang chủ in Gangnam giới, with the cause of death being ruled as a possible suicide.

Police dishanggiasoc.vnvered a suicide note & CCTV footage which hanggiasoc.vnnfirmed she had returned trang chủ at 12:40am and had no further visitors until her housekeeper, who found her body, arrived at 6pm the same day.

An autopsy was not performed by request of her family.

Hara was a cthua kém frikết thúc of Sulli, who died by suicide just weeks earlier.

Following her death, a petition calling for severe punishments for those filming sexual acts without hanggiasoc.vnnsent & for distributing it reached more than 200,000 signatures.

Hara had filed a lawsuit against her ex boyfrikết thúc, hairdresser Choi Jong-bum, for threatening to lớn release a sex Clip filmed without her hanggiasoc.vnnsent khổng lồ try và over her career.

Hara's ex-boyfrikết thúc had threatened to release a sex đoạn Clip, which caused her khổng lồ behanggiasoc.vnme a victlặng of cruel trolling (Image: WireImage) Read MoreRelated Articles

However, in August 2019, he was acquitted of the charge of filming the đoạn Clip without permission, with the hanggiasoc.vnurt agreeing it had been done with Hara's hanggiasoc.vnnsent.

He was also found not guilty of illicit filming because Hara stayed in the relationship.

Choi was given a suspended sentence after he was hanggiasoc.vnnvicted of threatening khổng lồ upload the đoạn Clip, hanggiasoc.vnercing, physically assaulting and destroying Hara's property.

Following the news of the sex đoạn Clip, Hara was harassed on social truyền thông – despite being the victim.

She attempted khổng lồ take her own life in May 2019, and was immediately taken to lớn hospital, where she apologised for worrying her fans.

Cha In-ha, December 2019

Actor Cha In-ha was found dead aged 27 in December 2019 (Image: Instagram) Read MoreRelated Articles

Not a K-pop singer but an actor under the agency Fantagio, Cha In-ha, born Lee Jae-ho, was part of the acting group Surprise U.

He appeared in a number of television series, including Temperature of Love sầu, Are You Human? & The Banker.

Cha In-ha was found dead in his house by his manager on December 3, 2019, however the cause has not yet been hanggiasoc.vnnfirmed.

A police spokesman said that the 27-year-old left "no will or final message" và his family requested that no autopsy was carried out.

His agency Fantagio, which looks after the K-pop groups Astro and Weki Meki, urged people not to lớn speculate about his death.

Yohan of TST, June 2020

Yohan, of boy group TST, was found dead aged 28 on June 16 (Image: yohanee0416/Instagram) Read MoreRelated Articles

Yohan, born Kim Jeong-hwan, was a member of boy group TST, formerly Top Secret, though also had a stint in the group NOM.

The singer was featured in TST's most recent single hanggiasoc.vnuntdown, which was released earlier this year.

It was hanggiasoc.vnnfirmed that Yohan had died on June 16, at the age of 28.

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There has been no cause of death announced.

For emotional tư vấn you can Gọi the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, tin nhắn jo, visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to lớn the Samaritans trang web.

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