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When you use Instagram associated with Facebook or use it for a long time, it is easy to forget your password.If you want to change your password, you can’t remember your current password, even your email can’t be accessed.Don’t worry, Lucid gene will guide you how khổng lồ reset Instagram password without email or change Instagram password when linking lớn facebook in this article.

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How khổng lồ reset Instagram password when forgotten

If you are still able to lớn log in lớn your Instagram account’s email, follow this way khổng lồ reset your Instagram password as quickly as possible.

Step 1:First, go back to Instagram’s login screen.You click on the username > showroom account > Sign in to an existing account.If you are using a desktop computer, you can accessInstagram’slogin page(the way lớn reset Instagram password on computer và phone is the same).

Go khổng lồ personal information management to lớn change Instagram’s email

Step 3:You change the thư điện tử for your Instagram account.Click on e-mail > enter new email > enter the confirmation code sent to the new email.

Step 4:You reset Instagram password as the first instruction.You submit a forgot password request, choose to thư điện tử the login link, then click the “reset Instagram password” link in the email to create a new password for your Instagram account.

How to protect your Instagram account

Use a password that is strong or long but easy for you to remember.Use a password that is at least trăng tròn characters long, with a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters khổng lồ prevent hackers from snooping on your Instagram password.Not khổng lồ mention hackers, maybe the people around you are the culprits who steal your Instagram password, because they know a little bit of information about you.Change your Instagram password regularly.You should change your password at least once a year, like a new year update.You can also địa chỉ cửa hàng a number or a character to the old password.Do not mô tả your Instagram password with others.

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If you are forced to cốt truyện your Instagram password, you must consider whether the person can be trusted lớn give you the password.We rarely tóm tắt the password of our personal Instagram account, but when working at companies that use the social network Instagram, it is common to share passwords.Protect your email and phone number carefully.You see this whole article, no matter how you reset your Instagram password, you still need an email to create a new password in the end.So keep your email account safe.In order lớn secure email, you must protect your phone number, because khổng lồ recover e-mail password, you can only use your phone number.Do not save passwords in the browser.If you are logged into Instagram on a browser, you should not save your password in the browser.Because when someone borrows your computer, they can go to the saved passwords section lớn see your Instagram password.Do not grant access khổng lồ 3rd parties.There are many 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ apps that require access khổng lồ Instagram in order for their apps to lớn perform functions.However, you must consider whether this 3rd các buổi party is safe, their application is recommended và used by many people.Use a reliable password manager app.This is how Lucid gen uses it, I don’t even remember what the password is, because I have hundreds of accounts on different social networks và forums và websites.I’m using a third party, 1Password (used by Apple) khổng lồ manage passwords.My job is khổng lồ create a really long và random password, let 1Password take care of the rest.


Saying how to lớn reset instagram password without e-mail but actually “without old email”, you still need a new email for your Instagram account.Anyway, Lucid gen believes that this way will more or less help many of you who have forgotten your Instagram password.If you found this article useful or need more answers, please leave a phản hồi below the article.