Mi true wireless earbuds basic 2


hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

Pick up, use and listen freely

Pick up and use / Seamlessly switch between single-ear & double-ear / 12-hour-long battery life / công nghệ bluetooth 5.0

Pick up và connectPut in and use

Incredibly simple lớn use, the hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 are ready to use as soon as you take them out of the charging case. Just put them in your ears và your audio experience awaits you.

* You need to lớn manually connect the mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 to your phone the first time you use them, but there is no need to manually connect for subsequent use.

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Free và seamless switching between single-ear and double-ear

The hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 optihanggiasoc.vnze the way the left and right earphones are connected. With no restriction on primary và secondary devices, you can switch between single-ear và double-ear seamlessly. Put in one earphone for mono sound và then put in the other to lớn automatically resume stereo sound with no need to pair again.

Bluetooth 5.0 High performance with faster, more stable connections

The mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 are equipped with the latest công nghệ bluetooth không dây 5.0 chip, which has a data transhanggiasoc.vnssion speed two times faster than the previous generation as well as faster and more stable connections. That"s what the newest generation should look like.

*Bluetooth 5.0 is two times quicker than the previous generation bluetooth không dây 4.2 provided by the bluetooth không dây SIG, please refer khổng lồ www.bluetooth.com.

Better for listening to music và clearer calls

The 7.2-mm sound unit has medium and low frequencies after repeated tuning by acoustic experts coupled with DSP noise cancellation technology, which filters out ambient noise, and provides you with crystal-clear sound quality.

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Physical button to lớn avoid hanggiasoc.vnsoperation One button khổng lồ activate multiple functions

Simply control music và calls with one button, activate the voice assistant by pressing either earphone twice* & access navigation at any time.

Press once khổng lồ play/pause music while playing


Press once lớn answer/hang up a call


Press & hold for approximately one second lớn reject an incohanggiasoc.vnng call


Press twice lớn turn on the voice assistant

* set up the quick launch for the voice assistant on your phone lớn use this function.

4.1 g * light weight

Three sizes of earbuds for secure và comfortable wear.


12-hour-long battery life*

Can be used continuously for approximately 4 hours after a full charge & for approximately 12 hours together with the charging case.

* Battery life demo standard: The total time of playing online songs continuously at 1/2 volume from full charge lớn automatic nguồn off. The value is for reference only and the actual battery life is subject khổng lồ external factors such as the environment và usage.* The charging case charges with a hanggiasoc.vncro USB port. There is no charging cable, and users need khổng lồ purchase a charging cable separately.


I have two phones, can the hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 be connected khổng lồ both phones at the same time?The mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 cannot be connected lớn two phones at the same time and do not support connecting to two devices.Are my hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 water-resistant?The earphones are IPX4 water-resistant but the charging case is not water-resistant.Can my mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 be connected to lớn a hanggiasoc.vn Smart Band or other công nghệ bluetooth không dây band?No, because the earphones and the bluetooth band are both receiving terhanggiasoc.vnnals, they cannot be connected to lớn each other.Will my mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 automatically turn off?The earphones automatically turn off after approximately five hanggiasoc.vnnutes when they are not in the charging case, not connected and not used.Can I adjust the volume through the mày True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 ?The volume cannot be adjusted through the earphones. You need to lớn use your phone khổng lồ adjust the volume.How vì chưng I kiểm tra the battery màn chơi of my hanggiasoc.vn True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 ?You can view the earphones" battery cấp độ on iPhones và most apk phones, and only the primary earphone"s battery level will be displayed.Will my voice be clear during a call?Because the bluetooth không dây earphones use a single hanggiasoc.vnc, noisy environments may cause your voice to lớn be quiet for the other person. It is recommended that you talk directly into your di động phone in noisy environments.What should I bởi if the left và right earphones are not connected to lớn each other?Put both earphones in the charging case, & take them out after a solid red light illuhanggiasoc.vnnates và they start charging. The headphones will automatically turn on & connect lớn each other. If they still don"t connect lớn each other, please refer to the user manual lớn reset them.Will my ngươi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 have a stable connection while on a call, listening khổng lồ a song or gahanggiasoc.vnng?The earphones support a connection range of ten meters with no obstacles, but due to lớn the nature of bluetooth earphones, the connection can be affected if there are many Wi-Fi connections, 4G signals, high power appliances, etc. In use.Why won"t the earphones charge?Firstly, check the charging case battery and whether the charging pins in the charging case have moved out of place or any dirt is on the charging contacts. If nothing is wrong, then put the earphones in the charging case khổng lồ see if they charge normally. If the earphones cannot be charged, please liên hệ the after-sales services.How can I tell if the charging case has sufficient charge?The charging case does not tư vấn battery màn chơi display. Place the earphones in the charging case. If the earphones" red light illuhanggiasoc.vnnates & the earphones are charging, the charging case has sufficient charge. If the light is off, the charging case has low battery và needs to lớn be charged before use.*Note: When the charging case has low battery, the earphones won"t charge or turn off & will remain connected to lớn the bluetooth không dây device after placing them in the charging case.

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