Lỗi koplayer code 12

Error Code 12 – What is it?

Error code 12 is a typical Device Manager error code. It usually pops on the computer screen when the computer experiences device driver problems or system resource conflicts.

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Error code 12 is mostly displayed on the computer screen in the following format:

‘This device cannot find enough không tính tiền resources that it can use. If you want khổng lồ use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.’


Error Causes

The error code 12 occurs when 2 devices installed on your PC are accidentally assigned the same I/O (input/output) ports or the same direct memory access channel.

This assignment is known lớn be made either by BIOS (Basic Input/output system) or by the operating system. It can sometimes be assigned by a combination of the two. Also, code 12 can also appear on your monitor screen if the BIOS didn’t allocate enough resources lớn the device.

Although this error code is not fatal, it is nonetheless advisable khổng lồ fix it immediately khổng lồ avoid inconvenience and hassle. This error is most likely lớn lower and hamper the performance of your system.

Further Information và Manual Repair

Here are some of the easiest & most effective sầu do-it-yourself methods to lớn resolve error code 12 on your PC. To persize these fixes, you don’t have sầu khổng lồ be technically sound or a computer programmer for that matter. Simply follow the steps to lớn fix the problem right away.

Method 1 – Use the Troubleshooting Wizard to identify the Conflict

To repair error code 12, simply go to the start menu & type Device Manager in the search box. Now go lớn the Device Properties dialog box. After that clichồng on the ‘General Tab’ và now access Troubleshoot khổng lồ start the Troubleshooting Wizard.

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The Wizard will ask you some questions and provide you a solution accordingly. Follow the instructions & resolution steps provided by the troubleshooting wizard to repair error code 12 on your PC.

Method 2 – Disable the Device lớn Resolve

By disabling the problematic device in the Device Manager, Windows will ignore that piece of hardware. Once disabled, Windows will then no longer assign system resources khổng lồ that device & no driver/software will be able to lớn use that device.

To disable, go lớn the Device Properties in the Device Manager & then click the Driver tab. Clichồng disable located at the bottom of the window. Then you will be prompted with a message stating ‘Disabling this device will cause it khổng lồ stop functioning. Do you wish lớn disable it?’ Click yes khổng lồ continue and then cliông xã OK to lớn save sầu changes.

Method 3 – Restore Your PC khổng lồ its Previous State

Another method to resolve sầu error code 12 is lớn restore your PC khổng lồ its previous state when it was working properly.

For this, it is important khổng lồ backup all your data first khổng lồ avoid data loss issues that are likely lớn occur during this process. Creating backups manually can be a time-consuming và tedious task. To save sầu time and quicken the process, it is best lớn install a program lượt thích DriverFIX.

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DriverFIX is a user-friendly & intuitive sầu device driver management software that helps backup all your data automatically và efficiently, while simultaneously restores your PC baông chồng lớn its previous state before you encountered problems.

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