Code mobile legends (mlbb) mới nhất 2021


Most of the time during the events of Smartphone Legends Bang Bang, they usually giving out mã code khổng lồ everyone that contains perks lượt thích diamonds, permanent skins và time-limited borders, and most cases, it can be redeemed 1000 times.

For players who has no idea on how to redeem these codes, this article will help you out. We will also add an updated danh mục of gift codes at the over of this article that you can use khổng lồ redeem it in the game.

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Getting ID Number

To redeem the code, you first need khổng lồ get your tài khoản ID number. You can get this info by going to lớn the thiết bị di động Legends Bang Bang game & going to protệp tin page.

Your ID number is 9 digit number displayed on the upper right portion of the screen.


It will take a couple of minutes or hours before your gifts will arrive sầu in your inbox.

August Guess the Code

On August 11, 20trăng tròn, Mobile Legends Bang Bang posted a weekly challenge where player will missing letter in the redeem code. Here is the code:


Summer Event

On July 18, 20đôi mươi, di động Legends Bang Bang posted a redemption code for the summer event. Here is the code you can use.

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515 eParty Event

On May 23, 20trăng tròn, Mobile Legends is giving away gift codes for everyone to celebrate the 515 eParty.


Liga 2 Kontrabida Event

Below are the danh mục of code revealed during the LIGA2KONTRABIDA sự kiện held in SM City North Edsa Annex Cyberzone Event Center 4L.


That’s it! Hope this simple guide help you redeem your thiết bị di động legends code.