Metro: last light redux


There are some new Epic Games không lấy phí games available khổng lồ tải về and one of them is For the King. While For the King is an excellent & artistically beautiful strategic RPG with tabletop elements, the headliner for most gamers is no doubt Metro Last Light Redux. Some people are asking if Metro Last Light Redux is multiplayer & co-op, và here you’ll discover everything you must know including the order of the Metro games.

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As you’d expect from their many offerings of freebies, the Epic Games store has gotten a lot more popular, albeit with the caveat that gamers still aren’t spending. Although not everyone enjoys the rivalry between it and Steam, there’s no doubting that the Epic Games store has given away plenty of great games for không lấy phí with the biggest having been GTA V once upon a time.

Now there’s Metro Last Light Redux, and below you’ll discover if it features multiplayer & co-op.

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How many Metro games are there?

There are four Metro games out there to buy.

Although there’s four Metro games out there to buy, know that the story is only a trilogy thus far.

Below you’ll find the order of the games:

Metro 2033Metro Last LightMetro ReduxMetro Exodus

The first game was released in 2010 và its sequel arrived in 2013. Meanwhile, the Redux games appeared only a year afterward, & the most recent Exodus came out baông xã in 2019.

Although the series has ended right now, a sequel khổng lồ Exodus has been announced. The developers are planning a multiplayer mode for this very early in development sequel, but is there online gameplay available for Last Light Redux?

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