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A Cambridge account gives you access to several Cambridge University Press sites including Cambridge LMS, Cambridge Dictionary Plus, Cambridge One, Cambridge GO, và You can register on any of these platforms & use the same credentials to lớn access the others without needing to register again, although you may be asked for additional details specific to lớn the site you are trying to lớn access. Please rethành viên that when you change your trương mục password on one of the sites mentioned above sầu, you will need to use the new password on the other sites too.

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How bởi I register và access the CLMS?

In order to lớn access the CLMS, you have sầu two options; either create a Cambridge trương mục with an email address or access the platkhung by logging in with your Google or Facebook account.

Please note that your Cambridge trương mục can now also be used to lớn access Cambridge Dictionary Online, Cambridge One, và Cambridge GO. If you already have sầu access to lớn any of these platforms, you can use the same credentials to log inlớn the CLMS.

To register with an email address, please follow the instructions below:

2. Click on the Register tab 3. Choose your role: Student, Teacher, or Parent. Please note that as a student you need khổng lồ be 14 years of age or above khổng lồ self-register; if you are younger than 14, please ask a parent or guardian khổng lồ register as a Parent và create an trương mục for you.

4. Complete the size with your information• Type your gmail address, first name, và last name. It is important khổng lồ make sure that your tin nhắn address is correct as you will receive sầu an tin nhắn with a verification links to activate your trương mục. This tin nhắn address will be used if you forget your password, as the LMS will send a link to lớn enable you khổng lồ log in and reset it.• Choose your username và a password for your tài khoản.5. Read and accept the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy6. Click on Register

I haven’t received my verification email, what can I do?

Please check your spam/junk thư mục & if you find the verification gmail, proceed by clicking on the verification liên kết.


Please check that your tin nhắn address is correct. If it is mistyped, please re-register with the correct data.

If you still cannot find the tin nhắn, we advise you to whitedanh mục the gmail address or, if you are using a school network, please ask the IT team to lớn bởi this then request a new verification tin nhắn.

How vì chưng I log in with my Google or Facebook account?

To register with your Google or Facebook tài khoản, please do the following:

1. Cliông xã on the relevant social media ibé either in the Login or Register tabs

2. Enter your Facebook/Google email address or phone number và password 3. The first time you access the CLMS via your social login trương mục you will be asked khổng lồ provide further details to lớn complete your registration. These include your role (parent, teacher or student), your date of birth, a username of your choice, and an tin nhắn address if you bởi not have one associated to lớn your Facebook account

4. Read và accept the Terms of Use và Privacy Policy5. Cliông chồng on Submit

Please note that your registration via social truyền thông will not be complete until you have entered all the details và have clicked on Submit.

Once registered via your Facebook or Google trương mục, you can also log in with either the gmail address linked to the account or the CLMS username chosen upon registration. To obtain the password, please cliông chồng on Forgot your password or username? in the login screen.

What user role should I choose upon registration?

There are three roles to choose from:

1. Choose Teacher if you are a school teacher or tutor và you will need lớn create classes for your students. As a teacher, you can also use activation codes lớn enrol in Teacher Development & Training courses.2. Choose Student if you will be activating product codes lớn enrol in self-study or teacher-led courses.3. Choose Parent only if you are a parent or guardian of a child who will be using the CLMS as a student. Users with parent role cannot activate hàng hóa codes or enrol in classes.

What are the password requirements?

The password must contain at least 8 characters, including 2 of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, a special symbol.

Please note that when setting a new password for an existing trương mục, you cannot re-use any of your previous six passwords.

What is a Parent trương mục và what can I vì with it?

By registering as a parent, you will be able to lớn create accounts for your children & manage their user protệp tin details, including resetting passwords.

Can I activate a code on behalf of my child?

In order lớn activate products, you need to lớn log out of your Parent trương mục, log inkhổng lồ the CLMS with your child’s trương mục username & password và cliông xã on Activate a new sản phẩm. Please note that you cannot currently activate the code on behalf of your child from within your own Parent trương mục.

How can I change my marketing/communication preferences?

1. Please log into your CLMS tài khoản & go to lớn My Account

2. Tiông chồng or untiông chồng the option Sign me up for email updates from Cambridge LMS.

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Please note that this only affects the preferences for marketing messages. You will still receive essential service emails on the status of the CLMS independently of whether the option is selected.

Can I update my username?

The username cannot be modified. You can re-register with a different gmail address if you don’t have sầu any products activated yet.

Please note that if you have products activated and progress within classes, the license và the data cannot be transferred between accounts.

What are the terms used in the FAQ?

User: A user is a person that has an trương mục in the LMS. Users can log onkhổng lồ the system. Users are given access khổng lồ classes as teachers or students. It is possible for the same user to lớn be a teacher in one class & a student in another.

Student: This is a user that has been given student permissions in a class. Student permissions allow the user khổng lồ view nội dung, access the tools, and view their own scores and grades.

Teacher: This is a user that has been given instructor permissions in a class. Teacher permissions allow the user lớn view the scores và content generated by all the students in the class.Teachers who are affiliated lớn a school tài khoản are not able create classes, unless they have been granted class creation privileges by a Client Administrator from that school.

Client Administrator: This is a user that has been given Client Administrator permissions on a School Account within the LMS. The Client Administrator can create và manage classes, enroll teachers & students into lớn classes, và more.

Class: In the Cambridge LMS a class holds learning content and tools such as blogs and forums. Adding a student to a class allows a teacher khổng lồ see the student"s progress through the course materials. Adding a teacher khổng lồ a class gives them access lớn the content & access khổng lồ the grades of the students in that class.

Group: A group is a way for a Client Administrator lớn organize classes so that the classes can be found easily. We recommend that classes are organized in semesters or terms.

School Account: School Accounts are useful for institutions with a large number of teachers. A user associated with a School Account can be given Client Administrator permissions and is then able to manage multiple classes and teachers within that School.

What are the technical and system requirements needed for the LMS?

The requirements listed below represent what the LMS can tư vấn. Requirements for individual products may differ.

Operating systems and browser requirements:

This product is optimised for use on the following systems, browsers & devices:

Windows 10

Supported browsers:

• Most recent version of Chrome• Most recent version of Firefox• Most recent version of Edge

Mac OSX 10.15

Supported browsers:

• Most recent version of Safari*• Most recent version of Chrome

*Tests in Empower, Touchstone, Viewpoint, & Testngân hàng are not fully tested with Safari.


• iOS 12 with most recent version of Safari• iOS 13 with most recent version of Safari• Android OS 9 with most recent version of Chrome• Android OS 10 with most recent version of Chrome

Hardware requirements

• Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768px• Microphone for voice recording activities• Video camera for video clip recording activities*

*Applies to lớn certain products only