Ninja gaiden 3: razor"s edge

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There are some who fight merely as a means lớn an end, and others who know the value of the fight itself. The "Spirit of the Fighter" is for those who see the chance in every encounter khổng lồ forge their body and mind.

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The "Infiltrator" battle gear is designed for covert agents operating in equatorial war zones. Its lightness makes it igiảm giá khuyến mãi for silent cđại bại combat - a perfect fit for the deadly work of a Kunoichi.

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"Tropical Sailor" is originally a unikhung for female sailors stationed in tropical regions. The cut & fabric are designed to allow the wearer to lớn swyên ổn at any time.

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"Hot Police" is a unikhung for policewomen working in brutal summer heat. It is more protective than it looks due to the sturdiness of the fabric, but one has to lớn wonder whether such a unisize would lower crime rates or raise them...
"Nightmare Brought to Life" is based on a nightmare Hayabusa had of himself of his final days, overcome by the Grip of Murder. Is this dream an omen of the fate in store for him?
Here are some of the new features that have sầu been added khổng lồ NINJA GAIDEN 3 for NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor"s Edge:
Feature/Mode NINJA GAIDEN 3 Free & Paid DLC NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor"s Edge
Playable Characters - ・Ayane available in Chapter Challenge, Ninja Trials, và her own chapters in Story mode ・Momiji and Kasumi playable in Chapter Challenge and Ninja Trials ・4 new costumes for each playable character
STORY ・New weapons: Falcon"s Talons, Eclipse Scythe ・Ayane story (2 chapters) ・Nin-Ja Skills character progression system ・New weapons: Dual Katana, Lunar Staff, Kusari-gama ・New Ninpo: Wind Blades, Piercing Void ・New feats: Four Rings, Guillotine Throw, Cicada Surge, Meditation ・3 new costumes ・10 new Tests of Valor
CHAPTER CHALLENGE - ・Compete khổng lồ get the best score possible in 10 stages, including Ayane stages!

Unknown Ninja ・31 equippable items ・New weapons: Falcon"s Talons, Scythe

Nin-Ja Trials ・42 missions

Clan Battle ・New stages: Submarine Carrier, Desert

Unknown Ninja ・Nin-Ja Skills character progression system ・New weapons: Dual Katamãng cầu, Staff, Kusari-gama

Nin-Ja Trials ・New Playable characters: Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi ・25 new missions