Solved: office has detected a problem with this file


Protected View: Office has detected a problem with this file. Editing it may harm your computer. Clichồng for more detailsbut gives me no hint as lớn what specific problem there is with this file or what specific risk there is if I edit this tệp tin.

Bạn đang xem: Solved: office has detected a problem with this file

Microsoft says that this means "the file didn’t pass tệp tin validation" but gives no more details.

Question: How vày I find out what specifically the problem with this file is -- what specifically did Word not like in it?

In my case the file has no additional data streams (dir /R) & seemingly no macros (or Protected View might not show them).


My question is not how to open this tệp tin, or what protected view is, or how lớn disable protected view.

My question is also not whether it is good practice not khổng lồ open this tệp tin (or any files at all). I do need khổng lồ open it, but I want to lớn know the specific risk or specific cleaning actions after I open it.

microsoft-word security microsoft-office macros
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asked Aug 7 "18 at 23:38

Alexander GelbukhAlexander Gelbukh
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What type of Word document is it? If it"s an old .doc file rather than the newer .docx format then that will cause Protected View lớn kiông xã in.

In the newer .docx format all the data is stored as text in an xml format, as such it"s not possible to lớn insert macros or other malicious nội dung inlớn the document which could be dangerous. That"s why you also have sầu the .docm format, which does allow things lượt thích that to be included, while obviously giving appropriate warnings & allowing admins to add extra protections for those documents.

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In the old .doc format the data was stored in a binary format which could include anything, so there"s no way khổng lồ know from just looking at it whether it only contains text or has macros of malicious content, which is why ALL .doc files generate that message.

If it is a .doc file và it doesn"t contain any macros etc then the easiest option is probably to simply save sầu it as a newer .docx tệp tin, which then eliminates the issue entirely.

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answered Aug 8 "18 at 6:31

Keith LangmeadKeith Langmead
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This page has a potentially useful danh mục of possibilities why the tệp tin is opening in protected view:https://tư vấ

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answered Oct 23 "19 at 21:29

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