The pit fortnite: map code, all challenges, and rewards

Fortnite: The Pit Map Code for Cosmic Summer Quests Fortnite has introduced Cosmic Summer Quests, & players need a code lớn access The Pit lớn earn extra rewards for a limited time.

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Cosmic Summer Quests have come to Fortnite Season 7 for a limited time. Until July 5, players can complete specific challenges on LTM maps for XPhường, cosmetics, và other goodies.

Previous Fortnite Cosmic Summer Quests have sầu asked players to lớn complete challenges in Bio"s Zone Wars, Pro 100, & Freaky Flights maps. Most of the challenges have been relatively straightforward, but some have proven a little tricky. Thankfully, The Pit offers some of the easiest challenges yet, but players need The Pit Map Code lớn complete these Cosmic Summer Quests.

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What is The Pit maps code?

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Players will first need to lớn navigate khổng lồ the required tab khổng lồ enter The Pit bản đồ code. To bởi vì this:

Change lớn Creative sầu game mode from the start screenSelect DiscoverChoose the Islvà Code tab on the left lớn bring up the box to lớn enter the codeThe Pit Code is: 4590-4493-7113

Choose launch to get started with the 4 Cosmic Summer Quests in The Pit bản đồ.

What Are The Pit Cosmic Summer Quests?

The Pit has 4 challenges for players to complete that will unlock rewards. Unlượt thích the new Battle Star System for unlocking Battle Pass rewards, these cosmetics will automatically unlochồng when the required challenge is completed. Completing a certain number of Cosmic Summer Quests will also unlochồng some extra goodies. The Pit rewards in Fortnite are:

105k XPBrain Freeze Backbling (Whirlberry)Stellar Sipper EmoticonMarshmallets PickaxeBeliever Beach Loading Screen (When 2 Cosmic Summer Quests are completed)Icy Pop Wrap (When 6 Cosmic Summer Quests are completed)Lil-Treat emote (when 12 Cosmic Summer Quests are completed)

Like a lot of the previous Cosmic Summer Quests, these challenges are easier và quicker to lớn complete with the assistance of a friend. Here are all The Pit Quests & how to lớn complete them:

Destroy structures in The Pit (500)

Players’ own structures don’t seem to lớn be counting towards this, so it’s best lớn complete this challenge before starting to build structures for the next challenge. A Shockwave Grenade can be picked up from the starting area và used to propel the player upwards and smash structures. Alternatively, just shooting any structure in sight works just as well.

The Pit mode gives players infinite ammo so there is no need khổng lồ worry about wasting ammo.

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Build structures in The Pit (500)

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The Pit starts players with 10k of each of Fortnite"s building materials, so there is no need khổng lồ worry about gathering building materials for the challenge. Simply jump down khổng lồ the battle area và start spamming those build buttons. It might take a little while, but the challenge itself isn’t that difficult.

Eliminate players with 5 different types of weapons in a single The Pit match (5)

This quest should be simple enough, as the starting area is packed with plenty of different weapon types, but it seems to lớn be buggy for some. If the kills aren’t counting towards this challenge, cancel out of the match và load inkhổng lồ another one until they are registering.

Players should make sure they are using 5 different weapon types, not different weapon names. There are many types of Shotguns or SMGs for example, but they are still shotgun and SMG-type weapons.

Get headshots in The Pit (50)

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This quest wants players to lớn get 50 headshots, not 50 headshot eliminations, so a gun like an SMG is perfect for getting up cthảm bại to lớn players and emptying a clip. The SMG can be found amongst the weapons in the starting area.

Players need lớn complete challenges in Bio"s Zone Wars Trio, Freaky Flights, Pro 100, và The Pit by the kết thúc of June 5. This is when the quests timeout and players will no longer be able to lớn earn bonus XPhường or rewards from these LTM maps.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, và Xbox Series X|S.

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