Resort giá rẻ ở nha trang

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Thành viên tiên tiến nhất trong mái ấm gia đình InterContinental ở vn là InterContinental Nha Trang, nơi trưng bày trên Đường trần Phú khét tiếng của thành phố Nha Trang. Everything about our stay was superb. The staff were so friendly, attentive, helpful, polite.... Nothing was any trouble, they were just really lovely. The facilities were beautiful. The room was amazing.


Mia Resort Nha Trang 5 sao này cung cấp các buổi tập yoga miễn giá tiền trên bãi biển vào nhà Nhật và thương mại & dịch vụ xe điện chuyển đón bao quanh chỗ nghỉ. Almost everything! The staff is simply amazing, & extremely coordinated in their day-to-day operations. Starting with check-in till an early morning check-out, our stay was probably the smoothest out of all our experiences at similar resorts in different parts of South-East Asia lớn date. We booked a Pool Villa (number 301) that had one of the most spectacular views of the ocean. We literally had a sun-rise wake-up each morning in the east-facing villa. The property is located in between the Airport và the City, with a perfect seclusion from any commotion whatsoever. It was exactly what we expected after a couple of busy days in Ho chi Minh city — soothing, rejuvenating & peaceful.The entire property is extremely clean, a feat quite hard to lớn achieve in the sprawling area of the resort. Each & every staff member cares for the guests. We particularly remember our laundry service at the resort, where the lady took extra care và immense pride in getting a hair-dye stain removed from a shirt. This diligence is around the campus, & you will feel it in every sphere of your stay. The room was cleaned spotless every day, as was the garden in front and the outdoor patio. The pool in front of the villa was clean too, as were the common pools across the property.We loved the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp at the resort — extremely professional and peaceful. Unlike other experiences we have had with similar resorts, this property did not push-sale anything at all — neither spa treatments nor sea-sports. It seemed very professional in delivering exactly what the guests want, nothing more, nothing less.