Rise Of Kingdoms Hacks (2020 Update)


These are the best working Rise of Kingdoms hacks you could ever find while playing the game. Please vày note that these “hacks” are the untold tricks that help you play the game easier & smarter.

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All of the “other hacks” people sharing on the mạng internet for getting unlimited Gems, Gold, & other items are obviously a scam. They just want lớn scam you & get your personal information, or even your money, & you won’t get anything eventually. Never fall for those hachồng tools.


Best Working Rise of Kingdoms Hacks

Upgrade Commander Skill to lớn 5 Before Upgrading Stars

This is probably one of the most underrated Rise of Kingdoms hacks that all new players have to lớn know before getting further into the game.

The commanders play a huge part in every aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. Without commanders, you cannot farm, cannot attaông chồng the enemies và thus far cannot grow up your thành phố. This is why new players always dump all of the XPhường Books they have onto their commanders to get them to highest possible levels.


While this is a great play, there is still one thing you need khổng lồ pay attention lớn, it’s to always max out your commander’s first skill before getting them to lớn 2 stars. Unless it’s a Gathering commander.

When tăng cấp your commanders khổng lồ 2 ⭐, their 2nd skills unlocked. Now, when you upgrade their skills, it will randomly nâng cấp the unlocked skills instead of focusing on only one skill.

The first skill (active skill) is the most important one. It gives the commander a lot of benefits every time it is activated during the battle.


Using Correct Commander Pairings

When your commander reaches màn chơi 30 or has 3 stars, you can couple him/her with another commander in a dispatch, forming a team of 2 commanders.

Only the primary commander’s talent tree has the effects.The secondary commander contributes only skills lớn the dispatch.

When you choose a dispatch to lớn start attacking the target, the game with automatically piông chồng the most powerful commanders and troops available for you. However, they might be not the best options for you in some cases. Most of the time, you have sầu lớn mix the dispatches manually for the most optimal cài đặt.

For example, if your primary commander is an Infantry commander, you wan to lớn couple hyên ổn with another infantry commander (in general) và use full infantry troops to maximize his potential.

Using correct commander pairing và type of troops can significantly increase the power of your army.

Chechồng your commander type & their skills for choosing the most optimal troops! As you can see here, Minamoto lớn works best with Cavalry troops.

Use The Right Type of Troops

You should use the correct type of troops for most of the commanders in the game.

There are 4 types of troops: Cavalry, Infantry, Archers, và Siege. However, Siege units are used for farming in general so we don’t talk about them here.

For example, Sun Tzu is an Infantry commander, which means most of his skills are evolving around boosting infantry units. You should use only Infantry troops when using him as the primary commander of your dispatch. This way, you can significantly boost the power of the army by a lot because of Sun Tzu’s skills và talent abilities.

There are some commanders which make mixed armies stronger (Hannibal Barca for example).

It’s recommended to lớn always kiểm tra the commander skills và types for picking the best troops for them!

Lohar is perfect for farming EXP!

Using Lohar

As you progress further inkhổng lồ the game, your commanders need more & more experience to lớn be leveled up.

There are various ways lớn level up your commanders: Farming Barbarians, Guardians, spending Tomes of Knowledge on them, etc.

As farming Barbarians và neutral units will be the main source of XP for your commanders, you want to make the most out of it.

You want lớn earn extra XP.. & stuff when farming neutral units. That’s why you want to use Lohar.

Lohar is probably the easiest Epic commander to be maxed out in Rise of Kingdoms because of the event called Lohar’s Trial, which gives out Lohar’s sculptures alongside a lot of other valuable rewards khổng lồ everyone doing it.

Once you have sầu maxed out his 3rd skill “Lohar’s Trial” & the “Quiông chồng Study” in his talent tree, this is the best combination of skills for boosting EXP gained in Rise of Kingdoms.

Lohar’s Trial +70% EXP.. bonus.Quick Study +15% EXP. bonus.

Using Lohar as the primary commander could boost the experience received by 185% in total (only the primary commander’s talent tree counts). Thus, helping you màn chơi up your other commanders much easier.


Create Presets for your Dispatches!

You want to act fast for every single action in Rise of Kingdoms. You don’t want to lớn spkết thúc 30 seconds to phối up each army whenever you need khổng lồ use them. Especially during wars, you want lớn have your armies ready in just one second!

That’s why you need the presets for the army combinations you use the most.

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This is another outstanding hack that most Rise of Kingdoms players must use.

Presets are the specific army set up that contains the specific commanders và troops you want lớn use. Whenever you clichồng at the prephối, that specific thiết lập will be loaded up in just one moment.

Players can phối up lớn 15 presets at once, which is more than enough because you can use only 5 dispatches at max at the same time.

You might don’t care much about this feature at the beginning because your troops & commanders are still at low màn chơi. However, once your commanders are above sầu level 40, and you have sầu Tier 3+ troops, you will find it extremely helpful.

You will have sầu the presets for farming Barbarians, for wars, for collecting Runes, farming Guardians, etc.

It’s also very helpful in a lot of Rise of Kingdoms events such as Ark of Osiris, where players have lớn have sầu the ability khổng lồ switch between dispatches super fast và accurately.

Have sầu a Farm Account, not Rise of Kingdoms hacks

Having enough resources gives you everything in Rise of Kingdoms. You need resources to nâng cấp your đô thị, to train troops, khổng lồ buy items, lớn bởi vì everything in the game.

Thus, having a mini account for farming resources is a must once you have sầu entered the late mid of the game.

​Creating a mini account in Rise of Kingdoms is super easy. You just need to lớn open the game Settings, go to lớn the Account Management thực đơn then create a new account from there. Each player can have sầu one additional trương mục in the same kingdom for farming resources.

Using a Farm account is the only không tính tiền way to lớn boost your tài khoản power. Never falls for those Rise of Kingdoms Gems/Gold Hacks out there.


Understanding the best Packages to buy

Like other free-to-play games, Rise of Kingdoms provides some packages in-game for players lớn purchase, helping players increase the thành phố power furthermore.

If you want to lớn invest some money inlớn the game, don’t forget to lớn kiểm tra out our guide regarding the best bundles lớn buy in Rise of Kingdoms. You will get the best value for every single dollar you spkết thúc.

Don’t miss these sự kiện rewards!


​Some Rise of Kingdoms events have sầu outstanding rewards that could help you increase your account power furthermore if you know how lớn make the most of it. This seems obvious for a lot of players, however, there are still many new players who don’t pay attention khổng lồ this.

For example, when you upgrade your City Hall và it takes 30 days to finish. A lot of players usually spover their speedups immediately to finish the build. However, it’s better khổng lồ wait khổng lồ a few days và spover those speedups during events that require players khổng lồ spend speedups or khổng lồ increase their power. By holding off a bit, you will be able to lớn get a lot of extra rewards for doing the same thing.

Another example is to skết thúc your farming dispatches lớn the large farming nodes before farming events start. This way, when the event starts, you will be able lớn earn the rewards immediately. Thus, gaining the ability to finish the event in time. In addition, you can actually stop your farming armies in front of your thành phố (after they finish gathering) before the event starts and then bring them inside immediately when the event starts lớn take the advantages.

Make sure you check out all of the sự kiện guides we post on hanggiasoc.vn for a better knowledge of the game.


Choose the Right Civilization

When you first entering the Rise of Kingdoms world, the very first mission you have to vì chưng is to lớn pick a Civilization for your trương mục. Each civilization comes with its own special buffs and a different starting commander. Needless to lớn say, this will dramatically affect your gameplay a lot.

Like, in the beginning, you need to build a lot of buildings khổng lồ unlock the new game features, choosing Civilizations which buff your building tốc độ is recommended during this time.

Also, having a bad starting commander also affects your gameplay a lot as it will take you a while to have sầu another decent commander khổng lồ use.

Chechồng out our Best Civilizations guide khổng lồ see which one fits you the best.

Join an Alliance ASAP!

Finally, the last but the best Rise of Kingdoms haông chồng you must know. I cannot áp lực enough how useful the Alliance is.

You simply cannot live without an Alliance in the Rise of Kingdoms world because:

You can farm a lot faster & your armies will become a lot stronger with the buffs from the Alliance techs và Holy Site Buffs.You are protected by your Alliance members.Together you can grow up a lot easierAnd a ton of other benefits.

Check out our Alliance guide for more details.

Conclusion: Understanding the game is the best hanggiasoc.vn Hack!

Above are the best Rise of Kingdoms hacks ​we can give sầu lớn all players.

Rethành viên that, all of the gold và gem hacks out there are totally scam. There is no way to hachồng the game. And even if there is any, they never give sầu them out for miễn phí at all. You could spend thousands of dollars to get those hacks, for sure. And vị you want khổng lồ spend that much money for a thing which can be fixed anytime?

Be a wise player and never false for those tools.

Understanding the game inside out is the best haông xã for Rise of Kingdoms players!