Samsung galaxy j7 v / galaxy j7


Samsung J7 is said lớn be one of the best mobile phones Samsung has ever made. It does not slow down and has a display perfect for sharing. Moreso, it will be a lot better if you can cast your Samsung J7 lớn your computer or laptop. If you mirror game android to PC, you’ll get the freedom to lớn explore it in a larger screen, which is also great if you’re using your J7 for gaming. To lớn learn how to connect Samsung J7 lớn PC, continue reading this article.

Top 3 Ways to Connect and Mirror Samsung J7 khổng lồ PC

Google Home


The first tool compatible with Samsung J7 is this smart ứng dụng developed by the searching giant Google. Apart from producing natural sound at moderate volume, Google trang chủ can also process simple commands such as playing music and screen projection. Khổng lồ start screen mirroring Samsung J7 lớn PC, you can follow these simple steps below.

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Download & Install the Google trang chủ app on your Samsung J7. Then turn on the wireless display on your Windows PC. Connect your phone & PC under the same WiFi network. Then mở cửa Google home app.
Tap the name of your máy tính xách tay and click “Cast my screen” to lớn start mirroring.



Another tool you can use together with your Samsung J7 is ApowerMirror. It is currently one of the best mirroring applications available nowadays that you can use to lớn mirror Samsung J7 to lớn laptop. It provides HD video unique and allows you lớn control your phone using your mouse & keyboard.

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Connect your phone and máy vi tính under the same network.
Open the app, and tap và Mirror button and scan for available devices. Select the name of your computer with “Apowersoft” on its beginning to start mirroring.Then your Samsung J7 will be successfully mirrored khổng lồ your PC.



The last tool best for your Samsung J7 is none other than LetsView. It can ideally give you the best viewing experience không lấy phí of charge. It is equipped with annotating features that you will find handy as you use it to lớn mirror your Samsung J7. However, you can’t control this device using your keyboard và mouse, but nevertheless, it is still one of the most reliable mirroring apps. Here’s how you can connect Samsung J7 khổng lồ PC.

Connect your Samsung J7 and máy tính xách tay on the same network.
On the main interface of LetsView on your PC, click the code icon on the right side, và use your phone to scan it to lớn start mirroring.Conclusion

These are the best tools you can use to mirror Samsung J7 to lớn PC. If you have other brands of di động devices like iPhone or Huawei, you may check out other articles to lớn learn more.