How to download construction simulator 2014


Do you want khổng lồ build houses and industrial buildings with heavy machinery such as the tallest và most powerful thiết bị di động cranes in the world of Liebherr, Man, và Still? If the answer is yes, then tải về Construction Simulator 2014 right away. The game will turn your iOS device into lớn a beautiful virtual construction site.

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If you love mobile construction simulation games, Construction Simulator 2014 is one of the great options khổng lồ experience. In the game, you will be in control of the same real-life construction machines. There are many designed và built large-scale projects such as windmills, swimming pools, schools, or town halls.

General Information

Construction Simulator 2014 belongs khổng lồ the genre of construction site simulation game with realistic 3D design. Join Construction Simulator 2014, you will control a variety of construction machines to create solid buildings.

In Construction Simulator năm trước, your tasks are the jobs needed to make the most solid structures. With 14 machines built from Liebherr, Man, và Still, it designs them exactly like the original in both appearance and control mechanism. You will dig the foundations, pour concrete to lớn build a solid wall for a workshop, or install giant domes with di động cranes. You prove that you can hold them with steady hands. Over 300 missions, promise over 20 hours of fun, exciting gaming.

Coming to lớn the world of Construction Simulator 2014, players control 14 identical real-world construction machines designed with high-chất lượng 3D graphics. The tasks in the game are the jobs needed khổng lồ create the most solid building. Construction Simulator năm trước is a unique và fun building simulation game. Construction Simulator 2014 will bring a 3 chiều virtual construction site khổng lồ life right on your iPhone.

Do you want khổng lồ turn a small construction company inkhổng lồ a successful real estate corporation & bring your style to every corner of this không tính tiền city? Do you want to experience the working day of construction workers? Construction Simulator 2014 will help you realize that wish in a shimmering virtual world right on your sản phẩm điện thoại device.


How lớn Play Construction Simulator 2014?

Build houses in just a few taps

As already mentioned, owners of iPhones & other iOS devices will also find the app on iTunes. The download is lượt thích other apps. Everything is handled automatically và there are no problems in. The game supports multi-languages. So, you can build houses with the mother tongue.

Once the game has started, your essential task is to lớn create a new protệp tin & follow the instructions for the first mission. The concept of the game is very simple. Perform all the steps to construct buildings whether they are extensions of existing houses, new houses, or other structures.


Everyone at work, but with the smartphone!

The game intends lớn be a simulator at every step. But above all, every means in the construction site has very specific characteristics. The first step could be to lớn load a bulldozer on a hauler. Then, place it near the ground to dig the foundations for the new building.

Before you dig, you will need khổng lồ place the truchồng that will hold the removed soil cthua thảm to the excavator. The removed soil must be taken lớn a special warehouse. Then move the bulldozer again and think about the next phase. It could load the cement inlớn a concrete mixer truck and unload the cement into another vehicle. This vehicle will expel the material & cover the area under construction.

Then, the building materials come to lớn the site. It must be loaded with an automatic arm vehicle capable of loading and unloading the pallet. It is one of the most important scenarios that can arise. But it is not the only one.

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Many vehicles for a single building

The game offers completely 3 chiều graphics. The scenargame ios vày not have many details. It is necessary khổng lồ immerse yourself in the world of construction work. You will have sầu an entire neighborhood to move between the interesting areas.

We will position the construction sites in various points of the maps, such as the construction of buildings such as schools và town halls. They will include more particular structures such as swimming pools or wind farms. The most interesting part of the game is the vehicles. There are 14 in total made plausibly compared lớn the original ones.

The controls are all on the screen according khổng lồ the vehicle used. Besides the driving controls, there are operational ones khổng lồ activate, lengthen, & shorten the automatic arms, or the controls khổng lồ tip the body toàn thân.

Good gameplay, but beware of boredom

The gameplay is convincing. Using vehicles can be set to lớn simulation or arcade if you are less used to complicated maneuvers. You will find the game fun only if you are fascinated by ​​constructing buildings with various heavy vehicles. However, even fans will find the game repetitive in the long run. Therefore, after a few missions, boredom may occur.


Recommended Alternative: Construction Simulator 3

Compared to the previous Construction Simulator 2 version, Construction Simulator 3 has sharper graphics. The vehicles and equipment used in the construction simulation experience of the game look very detailed & look real. Construction Simulator 3’s interface is also not much changed và is familiar if you have sầu experienced the old game. However, it is easy lớn notice creating models with higher levels of detail.

Construction Simulator 3 still takes the player from starting as a small construction company & then gradually expanding strongly throughout the experience. The familiar gameplay does not change much when it is still assigned to lớn you khổng lồ perform quite a variety of construction works from residents to lớn infrastructure or skyscrapers. They have updated the number of equipment & vehicles used in construction more than before.


In the game, you will have sầu 14 machines built from Liebherr, Man, Still that are designed exactly like the original in both appearance and control mechanism. The game offers high-unique 3D graphics for the most realistic experience. The real-life construction machine controls optimize perfectly on your Mobile devices. You will be in charge of large constructions such as windmills, swimming pools, schools, town halls.

You will have sầu free changeover support from Arcade controls to advanced controls for both beginners & experienced gamers. The ladder of success is from apprentice to lớn construction manager. The rich, diversified hierarchy ensures the most relatable playing time. The system of diverse missions ensures you will never get bored.

You must unlochồng different districts & bring your style to the thành phố by choosing colors, materials, architecture, & building a variety of buildings. The game supports a multi-language interface including English, Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Tnhì, and Swedish.

Final Words

From the developer of Construction Simulator 3, in the Construction Simulator năm trước MOD APK Android simulation game, players can control 14 construction machines và vehicles designed khổng lồ be realistic with high-quality 3D graphics. It is a game with simple gameplay. If you use vehicles wisely, you can complete all assigned tasks.

Join Construction Simulator năm trước, you will be không tính phí lớn create the architectures you want. Besides, the game also has a rich và diverse hierarchy that ensures the fun of playing. You can also unlock many features, personalize the city, & choose colors, materials, & architecture freely.