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a game by Omega Force
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 4 votes
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The samurai culture has always been something that has captured the imagination of the masses. Through various forms of truyền thông media, we have seen a bunch of great samurai based action hit our TV screens such as the iconic cartoon series Samurai Jack, popular anime series, Afro Samurai or 2003 film, The Last Samurai. So with 2020 giving us a shiny và brand new samurai đoạn Clip game in the khung of Ghost of Tsushima, it’s only right that we revisit an older game series of the vain. Here, we are looking back at Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends.

This game is made by Koei và unsurprisingly this game plays like a Dynasty Warriors game. So much so that it almost seems lượt thích a reskin of an existing Dynasty game with a change in theme & scenery being the only notable difference between the two series.


Haông chồng, slash, rinse, repeat

Predictably, this game follows the Samurai Warrior/Dynasty Warrior tried and tested format of providing opportunities to lớn fight waves of enemies in barren, open areas before moving onto lớn the next area khổng lồ vì the same. You’ll have six characters lớn choose from who all have quality attack patterns & skills & each have sầu their own storylines. The gameplay is incredibly repetitive sầu và will have you grinding your way through hundreds if not thousands of enemies in one mission just lớn reach the commander và finish off the stage.

This would all be fine if the enemies were at all diverse, the attacks you can throw were in any way cohesive & easily chainable for quichồng combos or if the areas you thought in hard even a semblance of eye candy peppered around the screen. We underst& that this grind is what fans of the series sign up for but even for what it is, it lacks substance.

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Start’s slow, stays slow

The game modes on offer equate khổng lồ what is essentially a story mode which you can play as six unique characters and a mission mode. The stories on offer are flimsy excuses for narrative sầu & one can only assume that one good story would have been better than the six bl&, overstretched stories. Then when looking at the mission mode, it boils down lớn a cliché phối of objectives which play out in a more arcade-style fashion. While this is infinitely better than the weak story mode, it still feels a bit lifeless after a few missions.

Then to add insult to lớn injury, the game allows you lớn collect gems which in turn, reward you with the ability khổng lồ unloông xã secret missions. It feels lượt thích a pointless cycle where you are completing chores just to lớn have sầu the ability to vì chưng more chores. There is little in terms of gratification for completing tasks throughout the title & this is when you begin to realise just how mindless this game truly is.

Grainy và Empty

The visuals, animations, character models and environments are often qualities that can rescue a game that fails lớn deliver on a gameplay front. Sadly though, this game fails to lớn take this opportunity as the visuals are found lacking in most areas. The character models are admittedly quite detailed & fit the setting & there are small details around the environment linking this game khổng lồ feudal Japan. However, the grainy textures, sparse environments and clumsy animations unbởi vì any good work done by the art team and make this game look rough around the edges, lớn say the least.



Aside from the usual complaint with the Dynasty archetypal games which is that you’ve sầu played this game before, there is a feeling here that this is, lacking even more in terms of innovation & creativity.

The graphics are poor, the sound is cheesy and poorly recorded, the gameplay is the usual repetitive format that has been milked for all it’s worth, the environments are empty husks & while the nội dung is as plentiful as it usually is, we really don’t see why anyone would want lớn take advantage of the quantity of poorly made drivel on show here. In short, it’s exactly what you would expect, more of the same.


Plenty of content6 quality playable charactersMission mode offers a more arcade-style of gameplay.


Fails khổng lồ innovate in so many areasThe gameplay is in the usual repetitive formatVisuals and sound are mediocre at bestThe storylines are forgettable