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What is a Facebook QR Code?

A Facebook QR Code is a QR Code solution that connects lớn your Facebook profile và summarizes your business with a clear and mobile-friendly page. Facebook QR Codes are perfect for connecting print sale materials with your Facebook page with just a quiông xã QR Code scan.


What information can I display on a Facebook QR Code?

A Facebook QR Code displays the following elements:

Your Facebook protệp tin URL with a direct links that users can cliông chồng on. A headline and a short description of your business. A featured image and customizable br& colors. A button to ‘like’ your Facebook page directly within the Facebook QR Code page. Amount of Facebook page likes (can be turned off). An additional link to your website or a trang đích below the Facebook information.

Why vì I need a Facebook QR Code?

Summarizes your Facebook business page

A Facebook QR Code provides a quiông chồng & direct overview of why a user should visit your Facebook page with a headline và short description, as well as the option lớn lượt thích your Facebook page directly (without having to lớn visit it). You can decide whether or not lớn display your likes, & there’s also an option to liên kết your trang web or a landingpage below the Facebook protệp tin information. This means you can add a Facebook QR Code on other kinh doanh materials and streamline the process for users lớn connect with your profile via điện thoại thông minh instead of having khổng lồ search for the liên kết themselves.

Customizable to match your brand

Both the page connected lớn your Facebook QR Code & the Facebook QR Code itself is customizable. On your linked page, you can customize it with your brvà colors and a logo. QR Codes can be styled with the same branding elements, as well as custom frames with a quality CTA (Gọi to action) & different edge styles. You can also choose from various image tệp tin formats when you download your QR Code so that you can adjust its kích cỡ and style for each type of kinh doanh material you need - both print và digital.

Always editable & updatable

Did you know that QR Codes aren’t always permanent once printed? If you choose a Dynamic QR Code lượt thích the Facebook solution, you can update your information connected khổng lồ that QR Code at any time without having lớn remake your QR Code. So it’s no problem if you accidentally made a mistake in your links or need to update it for a different protệp tin.Furthermore, if you decide that a different QR Code solution works better than a Facebook QR Code, you can change the solution type anytime you need it!

Facebook QR Code campaign tracking

Dynamic QR Codes are incredibly advantageous for kinh doanh campaigns because they come with QR Code tracking metrics. QR Code Generator software enables you lớn view real-time data for QR Code scans based on location by đô thị and country, time scanned, operating device used, and chất lượng vs. total scans. This enables optimization và transparent ROI calculations for any of your campaigns that use QR Codes.


Because QR Codes focus on directing users lớn mobile with a QR Code scan, we at QR Code Generator know how important it is that all your content be viewable on điện thoại. As a result, any information you connect to lớn QR Codes is automatically ready for sản phẩm điện thoại devices.

Ideal for print kinh doanh

QR Codes are one of the top solutions for seamlessly connecting print sale lớn digital platforms. If you add your Facebook QR Code khổng lồ print materials, users no longer need to tìm kiếm for your links later (và likely not come back), they can simply scan your QR Code và all the relevant link are right at their fingertips.

How to make a Facebook QR Code?

Sign up to lớn QR Code Generator PRO & get started with a 14-day free trial. You can nâng cấp at any time to continue using the QR Code if you decide the tool is right for you. Once your trương mục is activated, select Create QR Code in the dashboard then choose Facebook.

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Start by naming your QR Code, and then customize the page colors to match your personal style or company identity. You can also upload a featured image, your biểu tượng logo, or a welcome screen to amplify your branding power. Next, enter your Facebook page URL, add a headline & short mô tả tìm kiếm lớn inform your audience what the page is about. You also have sầu the option here khổng lồ add your trang web below the Facebook profile information to direct further traffic there. To personalize it further, select one of the ready-made QR Code frames và add your own custom text lớn urge your audience to lớn scan the Code to lớn like your Facebook page. As an example, you could add “Scan to lớn Like us” or simply “Like Us.” Add some finishing touches such as adding a logo in the center of your QR Code and changing the Code’s color to suit you. Finally, tải về & integrate it into the tệp tin design of your print collateral.

Can I see some use cases for a Facebook QR Code?

If you’d like lớn get inspired khổng lồ use QR Codes in innovative & unique ways, here are a few examples from fictional brands to lớn get your creativity flowing.


Retailers like Elle Boutique wanted to lớn use their store locations và product packaging to lớn increase their Facebook followers. They added a Facebook QR Code to lớn table tents at checkout, in the dressing room, & even on clothing tags so they could maximize the chance for their customers khổng lồ follow them.

Hotels và Resorts

Gr& Hotel & Resort receives substantial amounts of bookings from their Facebook followers. They wanted to take every opportunity to lớn increase Facebook followers by adding a Facebook QR Code to lớn their sản phẩm packaging, on table tents in the rooms, on their guest manual, and even a poster ad located in their thành phố.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Facebook QR Codes give sầu sản phẩm packaging the perfect kinh doanh boost. Betty Baker knew that increasing their Facebook followers is key lớn getting more sales, so they added Facebook QR Codes to every single product package to lớn jumpstart their progress.

Are there any Facebook QR Code best practices I should know about?

Minimum kích thước

Generally speaking, a QR Code should be no smaller than 2 x 2 centimet (around 0.8 x 0.8 in), because otherwise, they become too small for people to see & for QR Code scanners to lớn detect. If in doubt about the kích cỡ, always go larger to ensure that you don’t encounter QR Code scanning problems and đại bại out on potential customers.


When designing your Facebook QR Code, you have the option lớn add your hình ảnh (or an image) in the middle. We highly recommend doing this, because it not only helps users recognize your br& in connection with your Facebook page, but it also increases trustworthiness that scanning your QR Code is secure for the user.


When choosing the colors for your Facebook QR Code, there are a few details to keep in mind. Always use a darker color for the foreground (the black & square pixels itself), a lighter color for the background, and maintain the quiet zone khổng lồ avoid any scanning issues. For a complete guide on custom QR Code thiết kế, we’ve got an overview here.

Printing formats

QR Codes can be downloaded as four different image tệp tin formats: JPG, PNG, EPS, or even SVG. This gives you complete flexibility for integrating your QR Code into lớn your marketing material designs in terms of kích cỡ & format. Adding a QR Code khổng lồ a thiết kế can be done with any pholớn editing tool.

Optional page Like display

A Facebook QR Code has a quality & highly useful addition: The option lớn display page likes. For social truyền thông media, in general, the more likes a page has, the more likely it is to lớn get more. So, you can use this fact to your advantage & turn on your page lượt thích count so everyone who scans your QR Code can see it and like your page without even having lớn visit it directly.

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