The witcher: enhanced edition

The Witcher—the original—is 13 years old now, và CD Projekt has probably given it away không tính phí about a thousand times previously. But if you still haven"t played it, và for some reason still want to, here"s another shot: The trò chơi is now không lấy phí for everyone via GOG Galaxy (opens in new tab).

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To get it, you"ll need to lớn either install or update the GOG Galaxy client (opens in new tab), then select the "Recent" view. If you don"t already own The Witcher Enhanced Edition Director"s Cut, you should see a banner across the đứng đầu of the page: Click the giveaway button, và the trò chơi will show up in your account.

Interestingly, some users are very unhappy (opens in new tab) about the fact that the game can only be claimed through the Galaxy client và not the GOG website. "It"s yet another example of GOG aggressively pushing people towards installing their crappy nonportable proprietary "optional" spyware DRM client và simultaneously treating non-Galaxy users lượt thích second class citizens," one wrote.

Another asked, "Is there any place left on the planet where you can merely hand over money in exchange for a product, without having to sign away away your vital statistics in perpetuity to the cult of the Great sale Algorithm?"

Others take a more balanced view, though, pointing out that Galaxy isn"t required to launch or run the game—you can install it, claim the game, & then dump the client if you want—and that GOG is unlikely to lớn ever actually abandon its long-standing stance against DRM, since that"s the one big advantage it holds over Steam.

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Personally, I think the Galaxy client is quite good. It runs smoothly & does a nice job of bringing Steam, Origin, Epic, & all the rest under one roof. As an organizational tool for large, multi-storefront digital collections with integrated tư vấn for achievements and friends lists, I"ve found it khổng lồ work very well.

But back lớn the point: Even if you"re not terribly interested in diving into a 13-year-old RPG with some very unusual combat mechanics—and at this point, there"s good reason lớn skip the first two games (opens in new tab) in the trilogy if you"re new to the whole thing—the bonus content make it a worthwhile pickup. Along with the game, the Enhanced Edition Directors Cut (opens in new tab) also includes the soundtrack and "music inspired by The Witcher," trò chơi world maps, & other fun stuff. The music alone is worth the price of admission, especially since that price is "nothing."

GOG"s giveaway of The Witcher Enhanced Edition Directors Cut through the Galaxy client will be available indefinitely. For more miễn phí stuff, be sure to hit up our danh mục of all the không lấy phí games you can grab right now (opens in new tab), và our broader rundown of the best không tính tiền games of 2020 (opens in new tab).

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