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The latest apple smartphones iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has gorgeous Retina HD displays with a high màu sắc accuracy và outdoor visibility. IPhone X has even a higher-resolution Super Retina HD screen with a pixel density of whopping 458 pixels per inch. What is the same for all the latest iPhones – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, và iPhone X, is the new True Tone technology.

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It automatically adjusts the trắng balance of iPhone’s screen lớn match the ambient light around you. If you are coming over from an older iPhone model, it may look a little strange in some situations. However, having a True Tone công nghệ off will make the whites on your display look different in various lighting conditions.

When True Tone is on, the ambient light sensor measures the surrounding light brightness and màu sắc continuously. Then your iPhone uses that information khổng lồ adjust the display according to lớn the environment for a more eye-pleasing experience.

Additionally, True Tone reduces the overall eye strain. So, you can fall asleep without any issues. Thought you would probably still want to use Night Shift in the hours before you go lớn bed, True Tone really helps out in any low-light or dark environment.

However, some users like it & some don’t. You should definitely decide for yourself. Here I will show you how lớn disable or enable True Tone on your iPhone 8 / 8 Plus or iPhone X.

Disable or Enable True Tone from Control Center

Besides how complicated is the technology behind the True Tone feature, and how many sensors it uses, the procedure for disabling & enabling it is super easy to lớn do. Here are the steps.

If rocking an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, pull up your Control Center with a swipe from the bottom of the screen.If you are using an iPhone X, pull down your Control Center with a swipe from the top right corner of the screen.Hard-press (3D Touch) on the brightness slider, và it will expand lớn a full-screen mode. Here, you can find the toggles for Night Shift as well as for True Tone.

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Tap on the True Tone toggle lớn disable or enable the feature.

Easy right? The new & reorganized Control Center on ios 11 makes many features of your iPhone easy to lớn access. & that is the case with the True Tone technology.

Disable or Enable True Tone from Settings

Alternatively, you can access the True Tone toggle through the Settings app.

Tap on Settings.Open the section Display và Brightness.Right under the Brightness slider, there is a toggle True Tone.Tap on it khổng lồ turn it On or Off.

Wrap Up

While you may not like True Tone at the beginning, you will definitely get used to lớn it later. I am talking from my personal experience, & how handy I found this feature for me as the time pass. However, knowing how lớn disable và enable it is crucial for some situations. Feel free to try True Tone on your iPhone 8 / 8 Plus or iPhone X & share your thoughts with us. Vị you find the True Tone feature useful for you?

By Kevin ArrowsJuly 22, 2021
2 minutes read

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How lớn Disable & Enable True Tone on Your iPhone 8 / 8 Plus or iPhone X

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