Finding hikvision verification code help

I recently bought a Hikvision DS-2DE4220IW PTZ camera & i am trying to lớn thiết lập the EZVIZ Cloud P2P on the IVMS -4500 di động appWhen i enter the camera serial number it then asks me khổng lồ enter the device verification code which it says is marked on the device label, but i cant see any markings or labels on the camera? i have also tried entering ABCDEF and restoring the camera khổng lồ default setting but still doesn"t work So am wondering is there anyway lớn get this code ?Any help would be greatly appreciatedThanksIan

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The code should come in a few places:1. next to lớn the serial number on the camera itself2. on a Card with a QR code that comes with the package3. on the outside of the box near where the serial number is located
Thanks for your reply, Ok so i went khổng lồ security then security service & i ticked the box enable SSH ?But how vì i run showkey?Thanks

You need lớn use an SSH client, such as the popular and very good PuTTY ( an SSH session with the camera, log in as root with your admin password, và execute the commvà at the prompt.Let us know how you get on.

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You need khổng lồ use an SSH client, such as the popular và very good PuTTY (http://www.chiark.greenkết thú an SSH session with the camera, log in as root with your admin password, and execute the command at the prompt.Let us know how you get on.

I have sầu followed the topic, however, there is no SSH option available in Webinterface for fw 1.4.5 build 180917DS-KB8112-IM ( stanalone intercom ) however, device is online, lặng getting the name after filling in serial number, after clicking Showroom in hikconnect phầm mềm, it askes for Verification code, which should be ABCDEF. After that i receive sầu warning: ""weak verification code is not allowet bởi vì add devices, please modify verification code...""I have some experience, i know that it normally is shown in network > platkhung acces tab, but there is no such tab available.


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I am having the same problem with my DS-KB8112-IM - the person I bought my camera from changed the packaging so that the verification code is not available. The menus appear very minimal compared lớn most guides - I just don"t see the options you guys have used.Is there a way lớn enable all these extra options in the web GUI?An example of what I see, in contrast to lớn the options I hear being discussed. I cannot enable SSH. I have applied the most recent firmware và that leaves the web at V4.8.51 build 170410

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