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Ah, bottle service (also known as table service) – one of man’s greathử nghiệm tributes khổng lồ the pleasures of hedonism. Welcome lớn the good life – drinking exorbitantly marked up alcohol brought khổng lồ you by scantily clad bottle girls as you blaông xã out and run up the tab – you only live once, right?

There is a case to be made for VIPhường. bottle service, however – even for those unwilling lớn blow a month’s salary on bottle service. In many cases, bottle service can actually be pretty comparatively priced to lớn standard clubbing, with a number of ancillary benefits.

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What is bottle service?

You vày not need to lớn have sầu bottle service to get inkhổng lồ a club. However, if you want some dedicated real estate and are anxious about getting in, bottle service is definitely the way lớn go. Almost all clubs these days have sầu VIP tables arranged throughout the club.

When you get bottle/table service at a club you are paying the club a premium for bottles, mixers, & table space/real estate. Mixers are pretty standard across most clubs – cranberry, orange juice, tonic water, limes/lemons, etc. If you want energy drinks or bottled water you’ll have sầu khổng lồ pay extra (but that amount is counted towards your minimum). In addition khổng lồ bringing out the bottles, bottle service girls also help you make drinks, pour shots, refill your mixers, remove sầu empty glasses, etc.

Each table booking has a minimum spend – that is, the amount you need lớn spkết thúc on alcohol (and for dayclubs, food). The minimums that you are quoted never include tax/tip – which you can estimate khổng lồ be about 30% (~10% tax, 18-20% tip). Gratuity is usually automatically included in the final bill at 18-20%. As such, whenever you book a table you’ll want to lớn multiply the minimum by 1.3 khổng lồ figure out how much you’ll likely end up spending. A table with 1k min will run you 1.3k, a table with 5k min will run you 6.5k, etc.

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The minimum spend on each table varies based on a number of different factors:

HolidaysDay of the week – minimums are almost always higher on Fridays/SaturdaysThe DJ or live sầu performer talent – big names = big minimumsTable location – the closer you are to the action, the more you’ll have to lớn payNumber of people in your các buổi party – you might want a 1k table but the 1k min might only come with 4 comps – to add more people you’ll have sầu to increase your min


What are the advantages to getting bottle service?

You get expedited entry in a VIP bottle service lineYou get real estate – a place lớn sit, put your things (though make sure you hold on to lớn valuables – people often get their things stolen at tables)Bottle service comes with alcohol & comp’ed entry (oftentimes the cost is pretty cthua thảm lớn getting in on general admission and buying drinks at the bar)If you’re a guy, you can bring girls baông xã to your tableIf you’re a girl, you don’t have sầu lớn flirt with guys khổng lồ mooch drinksIn vegas bachelorette parties can oftentimes get discounted or even comped tables on slow nights – ask us about it!


How much does bottle service cost?

Bottle service in las vegas will cost you anywhere from 150 per guy to 1000 per guy depending on how much you want khổng lồ splurge. You can easily run up similar bills in other cities as well, but generally speaking your tabs in Las Vegas will be higher than in other cities.

If you have sầu enough guys (or girls willing to pitch in) in your group, bottle service can actually make a lot of sense financially. For example, lets say you have sầu 8 guys và want khổng lồ go to a top tier club for a top tier DJ. You’re looking at $50 presale tickets or $70 GA at the door plus a tip for the bouncer if you don’t want khổng lồ wait. Then once you get inside, drinks will run you ~trăng tròn per drink/shot. Between buying drinks for your friends & buying drinks for girls, you’ll easily run up a $150-200 tab very quickly.

With a bit of planning & foresight you can take that money và book a table – sure, your table isn’t going to lớn be on the dance floor, but you’ll still be able lớn enjoy most of the benefits listed above at a comparative price. The key to lớn balancing the equation is having enough guys in your group that are willing to lớn throw down. If your group is very girl heavy, the price per guy goes up significantly và it no longer makes financial sense to get a table.

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However, with large groups of guys & girls you might want to lớn consider a hybrid approach where the guys get in on a table và the girls use guestmenu / presale tickets. This way you’re able to lớn keep the minimums lower – the girls don’t count as comps on the table but after they get in they can come join you at the table. Some things lớn keep in mind if you’re trying khổng lồ employ this method:

If girls are planning on getting in on the guestlist, they oftentimes will need to be there earlier than the guys – you’ll want to make sure your girls are capable of getting ready and mobilizing earlyWith larger groups bottles are often gone in a flash – you’ll want to lớn make sure lớn let your bottle girl know that you’re the only one who can order additional bottles

Hope this guide was helpful! Be sure to download the hanggiasoc.vn App to lớn see upcoming events and book bottle service at all the top clubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, & San Francisco.

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